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Kudos to the Walking Dead fans who literally started from the beginning. To those who started later, you are just as worthy of a fan. I've heard many stories about people who took time to binge watch DVDs or catch up with marathons from the beginning. I'm a classic case. I was on a TV fast due to sulking over a favorite show that went off the air. Eventually, my right knee got a meniscus tear and I had to get surgery. My friend who took care of me while I healed laying in a bed introduced me to The Walking Dead, season 1. I watched the first two episodes and my eyes started to salivate. Finally, I took the plunge from TV fasting to getting back into it. I caught up with Walking Dead marathons to the beginning of Season 4 and then I was grooving along with the rest of the Walking Dead crowd. It's a fantastic disease! It's as though I DID get bit. Even though I have DVDs, I still find myself hurrying to get home to watch marathons when they're on. I've gone into comic book stores and read the differences in the comic. I went to Comic Con and made sure to get pictures with my favorite characters! Why did this happen? WHY?

Because Walking Dead has it ALL! There is drama, comedy, stupidity, favorite and not so favorite characters. Love, gore, Bible verses, murder, church, you name it! I yell at the TV. There are episodes I watch over and over and over and some I dread because they're the "boring" ones but then, I still watch those again too. Then, you watch again to find those Easter eggs and golden nuggets hidden. I envision myself wielding a katana and talking to myself about how that crossbow would just be too heavy for me. I think about the kind of houses I would run or not run to in case of a serious world emergency. Would I be a leader, a loner, a protector, an infiltrator, a rescuer? Would I live in a warm place or a cold place?

This show moves over every emotion, and challenges the mind on how to survive difficult circumstances or to give up. You crave that kind of strength in your own life and then you think about who you are and where you are now! No other show does ALL of this on a regular basis. We all think about where we are and what we might have to do HERE, if there was a world catastrophe! This is a repeated sentiment I know but we rethink it with this show. Under catastrophic stress, you can still love, fight and succeed and though danger lurks at every corner, you can persevere and the danger is really in the fear-filled individuals living who you don't know.

The Walking Dead is a backwards sordid mirror image of our world. It's our world inside-out. This show makes that all wonderfully fantastic because we relate and it resonates. Season 5 part 2, BRING IT ON!


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