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Do you remember how back in 2011 it seemed that in the near future every movie would be shot and released in 3D? Back then, the studios were still thinking that the impressive boxoffice figures of James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) would mark the trend for all future movies, and therefore started to produce and great number of 3D products, including re-releases of big hits.

But now, only 4 years after, it seems that things have cooled down. Was it because the prices were too high? Was it because the public got bored by so many low quality 3D releases? The fact is 3D is no longer a guaranty for success. Actually, according to a survey by Morgan Stanley published on, in 2014 the movies released in both 3D and 2D would only gross 39% of their total box office with 3D session, a ratio that was a 73% back in 2008.

The studios are programming less 3D releases

Let’s have a look at the evolution of 3D movies releases through time. According to Morgan Stanley Research, 2011 was the pick year, with 39 movies released in 3D. Then a slow decline started, with only 28 3D releases in 2014. In addition, according to the 3D release calendar posted in, only 23 movies would be launched in the 3D format in 2015.

So, something that few years ago looked like a mandatory future for the industry is starting to look like a trend that could even soon disappear.

Why this failure?

Do you like 3D movies? Do you hate them? Why do you think the 3D trend is slowing down? Is it because the experience is not that amazing? Is it because of the ticket prices?

There is an interesting poll about it on netivist, you may want to participate:

What do you think about 3D movies: like or dislike them?


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