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The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2

Everyone is literally jumping for joy after the release of The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 and anyone who has eagerly watched the film knows why!

Now that everyone has seen the fantastic film questions are flying around rapidly about the release date for the next movie, the death of the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who played the role of Plutarch Heavensbee, and the rumor about our "Mocking Jay", actress Jennifer Lawrence being engaged and pregnant? Yikes! What day is part 2 being released? Will the film be affected? Will there be new actors? Is Jennifer pregnant?

Everyone is losing their mind's about what's going to happen to Mocking Jay Part 2 and if any major changes will be created to keep the movie being filmed and released. Well I have the striking answers to these fascinating questions!

The Release Date

Everyone who saw part 1 already wants to jump into part 2 but like with all movie series you sadly have to wait a few months before the next release but how long do we Hunger Games fans have to wait exactly?

Well everyone according to Wikipedia on November 20th this year Mocking Jay Part 2 will finally be released! I know what you thinking "Why do we have to wait so long?". Well my friends in my opinion and the opinion of my friends who are working to become film directors, Filming the movie is one of the easiest parts.

LionsGate has a lot of special effects to create , yes it will take that long and yes it is not easy. According to one of my closest friends who creates special effects for his own video's on YouTube it's no simple task to create something amazing on film or video. I personally have seen what it takes to make special effects for videos and it is a extremely long process that takes most editors on YouTube hours to create a new one for each video.

Now i see why it takes special effect editor's so long to finish with a movie because one misplaced effect can make you restart that entire scene!

November 20th is the set date for all the fans to know ahead of time! So mark your calender's, tell your friends and buy a new Mocking Jay T-Shirt to strut on opening night!

The Tragic Death Of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Hoffman indeed played the important role of Plutarch Heavensbee but sadly we have lost Philip Hoffman to one of the major monster's in today's society, Drug Addiction. The world has lost a wonderful actor and he will be missed but now that he's gone the big question has to be answered? What will LionsGate do now without him? Well I have the interesting answer!

According to International Business Times before Hoffman's death he filmed all his parts for the film correctly but there was one last scene he was suppose to be in but unfortunately he did not get to film the scene. So now what LionsGate?

Well they are NOT changing the script or getting a new actor they are indeed digitally recreating Hoffman to play his part or in other words using CGI to put him in the scene. Not only are they using CGI but they are also adding in some graphics and camera tricks to make the whole project work. Not only is this going to be extremely difficult to CGI a whole person to do things but it also will be time consuming.

So let's say a pray for Philip Hoffman and treasure his last film as the inspiring Plutarch Heavensbee!

Engaged and Pregnant Mocking Jay

Yikes! Could our Mocking Jay be pregnant? Tons of Mocking Jay part 2 rumors are just piling up on and off the internet but they are mostly about Jennifer's pregnancy and engagement! There's been talk about Jennifer not being in part 2 because of the pregnancy and not being able to film because she's making wedding plans but after hours of searching for the truth i have finally found the correct answers.

Thanks to and i finally have the answers!

Is she engaged? No! She was just wearing her new ring on her wedding finger and that's all. Is she thinking about it? Yes she is but for now she's not engaged!

Is she pregnant? No! She was only talking about wanting to have kids which is normal for a 23 year old woman.

So she is and always will be our Mocking Jay! Part 2 would have be completely disastrous with someone else playing as our beloved Katniss and I think Jennifer Lawrence would agree.


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