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Film 130 in the "1001 Films to See Before You Die" challenge is 1979's "The Jerk". This film marks the debut of Steve Martin as an actor. This film is listed as a comedy and I didn't find one thing funny about the film. It's pretty clear that the comedy is outdated. It starts with a "I'm white but was raised by a black family and I know all their lingo" to just getting a job by taking a piss. If getting jobs was that easy, unemployment numbers would be a lot lower than they are not. I lost interest within 25 minutes and pretty much decided I'd had enough. This is one of many films in the list that I had high hopes for. And sadly, I was let down. In these 25 minutes or so that I watched, it very heavily stereotypes that black people hate everyone who's white when he tell Navin "Don't trust whitey" and Latin Americans are all robbers who drive low riders and smoke weed. I thought that with the film being called "The Jerk" that I was expecting Steve Martin to be just that. Instead he's an idiot who has no idea about what life is. Who get's excited about Yellow Pages phone books? Regardless, I switched the film off and that's the end of it. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1979's "The Jerk"

Film - The Jerk

Year - 1979

Director - Carl Reiner

Written by - Steve Martin, Carl Gottlieb, Michael Elias

Staring - Steve Martin, Bernadette Peters, Catlin Adams

IMDb Rating - 7.2/10

My Rating - ZZZzzz

Length - 94 min (1h 34min)

Genre - Comedy

Time for a film premiere.... Unless you're these bums

Navin says he isn't a bum. He's a jerk

"I was born a poor, black child"

Time to see how Navin ended up as a bum

We start in a shack in the middle of nowhere in Mississippi

Try and be like us even though you're not

There's a cat on a roof!

It's Navin's birthday and here's your favourite meal - A tune mayo sandwich and a twinkie

Dad gives him his zippo!

Navin gets told he was left on their doorstep

Blues songs make me depressed

When in doubt... have a Twinkie to cheer yourself up

Must... Not... Dance... To... Jazz music!

Everyone watch me dance to jazz

Before you leave, let me teach you all about animal poo

Navin decides to leave his family behind and head to St Louis, Missouri

"Lord loves a working man. Don't trust whitey!"

Let's try hitchhiking outside my home

He's still outside after several hours

He hitch hiked about 20 feet

Time to hitch hike my way across American to St Louis

Don't you hate getting woken up by a dog?

How does he know what the dog is trying to tell him?

There is no fire after all

I'll take this dog with me and name him "Shithead"

Navin just became president of Texaco Oil

$1.10 an hour? That's really shitty salary

He sent $2 to his family

Why is Navin dressed like an ice cream man server from the old days

He gets a new home... a gas station toilet... so he thinks

You'll be sleeping in the closet

All I want as payment is a postcard if you're ever famous

Why would you leave Navin in charge of a gas station?

Let me just wave all my money in front of these criminals

Their car is stolen property!!!

I was gonna ask why they would steal tyres but it makes sense

Let me attach rope to the rear axle of the car to a pipe

Here's all the money we have and "you've on a free oven mitt"

Like a church can move that easily from a low rider

He's just realised what he's done!

But he's overly excited about having his name in a phonebook

I really have lost interest



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