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BioWare has been creating rpg master pieces for us to indulge ourselves on for quite a while now. With classics such as Knights of the Old Republic to its modern day heavy hitters such as [Mass Effect](movie:589200) and Dragon Age, we have come to expect a lot from the Canadian company, even though these rpg masters do fall short sometimes. Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare's newest installment of my favorite fantasy game series, is the best new rpg game I've played in a long time. Unfortunately, that statement doesn't speak the volumes it should. This year we recieved an underwhelming rpg/mmo/shotter Destiny, which could eventually be a great game, a good game set in Tolkien's world, Shadows of Mordor, but just had one brilliant element, another copy/past war game, Heartstones, and some brillant remasters. So, Dragon Age 3 owned this year by simply by being epic, great, and hiding its flaws well.

Taking a closer look at Inquisition reveals some glaring flaws. Take, for example, the fact that I spent probably 10 hours gathering herbs, ores, and useless equipment. TEN HOURS! That is 10 hours not spent growing to love the great cast, building up the Inquisition, or simply enjoying a great sound track while watching a beautiful dragon fly. And while were on the sound track, where is it! I'm serious, its amazing when it plays but there are to many silent moments where nothing is happening. Mainly when picking herbs.

To add to this, I hardly ever used herbs and ores but felt the need to have them. I kept thinking of Mass Effect 2 and just knew Elfroot would save my favorite characters, but this was just not the case. I really loved this cast and saving them would totally justify the 10 hours of Elfroot hoarding, but now it seems wasted.

Another thing, while the ending was good I thought there would be more. It seemed almost melodramatic, I will not spoil it, but the ending could have been better.

Overall, though, what I love outwieghs the bad. When I'm playing Inquisition I never think about the flaws but instead enjoy its beauty. So definitely GotY for 2014, but not the best game ever, or of the decade, or by BioWare, but it is just grand and epic enough to be worth twice the amount they ask for it. My favorite things are the expansive world, interesting story, amazing cast, and a sense of a culmination of the rest of the story lines in previous games.


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