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This is the second part of the Hunger Games trivia. If you missed the first part, click here. Keep your eyes peeled for the final part coming soon! I will link it at the bottom of this article when released. Enjoy!

All facts were pulled from Catching Fire's IMDB page, unless stated or sourced otherwise.

Sam Claflin ate between two to three sugar cubes for each take filmed during Finnick's introduction scene until the scene was completed. He consumed the entire box of cubes.

You can see the famous characters "A-113" at the bottom corner of a monitor that President Snow uses to watch if Katniss is to kill a tribute in the arena. This relates to the same reference in all Pixar films and associates.

As Katniss is leaving with Johanna to roll out the coil she says to Peeta "see you at midnight". This reflects the song "The Hanging Tree", which is featured in Mockingjay - Part 1.

In the scene where Effie insists getting something gold for both Haymitch and Peeta, she follows up by saying " them we are a team". If you put together their surnames, you have Trinket, Everdeen, Abernathy, Mellark.

The scene where President Snow bleeds from his mouth into his champagne glass is foreshadowing a significant plot detail.

The angel sculpture in the center of District 12's Victor's Village is modeled very closely on the "The Angel of the Waters," the sculpture on top of the Bethesda Fountain in New York City's Central Park. In keeping with The Hunger Games series's theme of female empowerment, that sculpture was designed in 1868 by Emma Stebbins, who was the first female artist to make a piece of commissioned public art in New York City. It has played a memorable "role" in a number of movies and other pieces of pop culture, including both the play and the film Angels in America. Jeffrey Wright, who plays Beetee in Catching Fire, was in both the original stage cast and the movie adaptation of Angels in America.

Jena Malone claimed that her stripping scene was filmed in a real hotel elevator that was not closed for production, resulting in the door opening during one of the shots for a guest. Source: E! Online

In the shot of the Train along the coast, you catch a quick glimpse of some towers on stilts in the water. These are actually based on the Maunsell Forts that exist in the Thames and Mersey estuaries in the United Kingdom.

The cultural differences between Districts is something that is easily forgettable. In the scene where Peeta is hit by the force field and Finnick preforms CPR, Katniss thinks that Finnick is trying to kill him. Knowing CPR would be just as mandatory as swimming in District 4, but this is something foreign to Katniss. In the very beginning of chapter 20, it reads:

"No!" I yell, hurling myself at Finnick, for surely he intends to make certain that Peeta's dead, to keep any hope of life from returning to him. ... But Finnick's world is different. Whatever he's doing, he's done it before. There's a very set rhythm and method.

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