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Big stuff happen in this week's episode

BONNIE: Something tells me it won't be long before she comes back using Qestiyah's blood on Sila's tombstone . Apparently it's kinda like a magic source she can use to come back with the help of Kai's magic

KAI: As it turned out because of Kai's merge with Luke he has taken some of his good qualities like remorse and now he wants to help our heroes with bringing Bonnie back, which essentially means he has to be kept alive. I had my doubts about Kai's sudden change until that moment when he couldn't kill Liv

JEREMY: In a way this week's episode revolved around him being unsure about his future, going to college and moving on with his life. Through the vampire diaries Jeremy has left and died many times over and over again, maybe this time it will be the last :'(

ENZO: He definitely has something planned for Sarah Salvatore. His exact words to describe his plan were:

I'm going to insinuate myself into her life, make her do things she'd never dream of doing until she begs me to make her a vampire. Heh, Stefan thought he could protect her. I'm gonna show him how wrong he is.

I wonder if this plan stands a chance with Matt in the picture. Yeah, Enzo made him hit on her, but, was I the only one who notice the chemistry?

TYLER AND LIV: Sorry Tyliv shippers, trouble in paradise. It was inevitable. Tyliv is the only couple in the show that's be going smoothly. I still don't think that Tyler's gonna leave her like that. I mean yes, she lied to him and went on a suicide mission thinking that she could kill Kai, but he did kill her brother and they were very close

CAROLINE AND STEFAN: Get ready Steroline fans, the moment you've been looking for is finally here. In this trailer, you'll see them getting "intimate". Steroline will happen

Here's a sneak peek for next week's episode

Are you as excited about Thursday's episode as I am?


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