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Mike Bouder

I apologize ahead of time for bashing this movie before it comes out, however I think this movie is not all it is hyped up to be. Here is the thing, I love movies, books gone to movie, even better. But this movie will be nothing like the book, they should have just given it a different title. The characters will be the same, plot yes. The worst part about movies from books is everyone nit picks at the little details that were left out from the book. If you wanted THOSE details shown on screen, all you would have to do is go to your local movie store and ask the polite clerk standing behind the counter where the "adult" section is.

Guys, I'm sure, are not looking forward to this. This movie is going to be bad for everyone. Don't be ashamed, you will be one of a couple million men dragged into that movie theater on opening weekend. I'm sure that you will also, not be the only one shifting in your seat trying to adjust yourself so the couple next to you doesn't have to see what you are trying to hide.

It is a touchy subject but everyone, naturally, across the world will be in the same boat. However, once you get home, it may be worth the two hours of sitting through that movie, keep that in mind. I mean c'mon it is Valentine's Day right?

The thing that annoys me most about all of this is that people have been looking forward to this movie since the original trailer released. I have heard and read many of mixed reviews. The ladies wanted a "better looking Christian Grey" or maybe one that said he would actually show his junk on screen. But people are still going to go see it. This is the one movie that literally everyone will complain about but still go to see. I have yet to see an upside to this entire movie, but willing to bet that it is one of the highest grossing movie Valentine's weekend.

If you really wanted to enjoy your special holiday set aside for love then you would go watch Kingsman: The Secret Service. Why, you ask? Because for this day is about romance, not just how hot and heavy you can get in the sheets because of a movie that everyone will be disappointed about. Plus, you get to see Samuel L. Jackson yet again play an awesome character. I can't say that I have ever seen him it a fitted hat.


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