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Steve Rogers the super soldier project child of Dr. Abraham Erskine and Howard Stark, and the weapons master, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark are two strongly independent and polarized heroes in the Marvel Universe. Captain America, the man of morals, action and undeniably a well respected natural leader. His valiant efforts during WWII fighting the forces of the Red Skull perfectly showcased his true colors. Iron Man, founded on the self realization that his abused life's work was inadvertently bringing destruction ultimately causing Tony Stark to have a new perception on what he was doing to the world. While his character is heavily flawed he does mean well and tries to take responsibility of his actions. These two iconic heroes are both captivating and rich in their origins, strong independently but enemies together.

Why is there such strong friction between the two?

We can clearly see the awkwardness and discomfort between the two when they both appear on screen together during the Avengers in the Germany scene. And throughout the movie their differences escalate until they are forced come to a momentary level of understanding. However with the up and coming movie Captain America 3: Civil War we know where the situation is going to end up. The Avengers picking sides and duking it out leading to the question, who's side are you on?

TEAM CAP: (Written by Arden Campbell)

Steve Rogers aka Captain America the famed super soldier and natural leader. Cap demonstrates time and time again in The First Avenger, The Avengers, and The Winter Soldier that keeping a code of morals and level head leads to appropriate and effective action. Some have argued that he is just a tool the organization of Shield uses. However in The Winter Soldier we learn that Hydra was alive and kicking. Cap comes from a time in American history when the hard work, ethics, morals, and the strength of a man's back was stronger than money. This plays a key role in his character development as a hero. When Captain America wields his mighty shield it is THE symbol of protection, the spirit of all Americans and all in need. Steve Rogers having military background also gives us another peculiar insight. As noble as the Captain is, he also shows what seems to be a blunt darker side. Not to say that as a bad thing, he just knows what it takes to complete a mission and is aware that all missions have casualties. However the only crack we ever saw in his shield was when he lost his best friend Bucky in the train scene during The First Avenger.

It becomes apparent that something is shaken loose, because to him all missions afterwards become about completing them. Until he runs into his lost friend again, then things get interesting because you can see that momentum shift in his thought process for the rest of the Winter Soldier. Even though The Winter Soldier comes is set after The Avengers and has no run in with Tony Stark in the film I believe these are crucial points as to why there will be so much more friction in Age of Ultron. Captain America with a new perspective, is now being brought in contact with a know-it-all, sarcastic, narcissistic Tony Stark. Since Ultron's realization and weaponization is Stark's fault I believe that will be the ignition between the two. For example, the leaked clip of Steve and Tony splitting firewood discussing how to handle the situation. Steve states that innocent people die if you try to prevent a war, where it appears that Tony is on the other side where preventing a war at the cost of a few lives to save millions is the better price to pay. This once again leads me to experience that Steve Rogers has from fighting in the great war itself. So why Team Cap over Team Stark?

I believe that Team Cap is the better choice, he is the leader of men and with his new insight beyond just the mission he know has a fuller understanding of the whole situation and involvement with SHIELD. Any hero that understands that sometimes larger conflicts are impossible to prevent and knows that its about taking the appropriate action. That any life is worth saving, but those lost didn't die in vein. The overall purpose of peace and prosperity for everyone is, I believe, Captain America's mission. All that are willing embrace and fight for it can count on being protected the vital spirit of freedom that is Captain America and his mighty shield.

TEAM STARK: (Written by Kyle Shuman)

Tony Stark aka Iron man, usually ends up being the antagonist in most of the situations he ends up getting into, as seen in Iron man with Obadiah Stain ,Iron man 2 with Ivan Vanko, Iron man 3 with Aldrich Killian. As we get closer to the much anticipated release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, we are left wondering what events will unfold ultimately leading to the clash of the two heroes in Captain America 3: Civil War. As seen in the first Iron man once Stark sees the true effect of his weapons and decides to correct his actions by creating the iron man armor. With the suit he feels obligated to fixed the worlds problems, especially the ones created by himself, making him a chaotic good. Thus, reinforcing the fact why these two heroes clash. Tony has shown he's not afraid of the public eye, whether its when he's getting his party on or just plain kicking butt. With his personality he's more inclined to be in favor of the Superhero Registration Act. Which forces anyone with super powers to reveal their identities to the U.S. government and act as a police force for authorities. He wouldn't care either way, the entire world already knows who he is. On the overall scale Tony has this mentality sometimes its not about bracing for the big impact of any conflict, because as a genius Stark knows from experience that there is always another way. Which in return clashes with Captain's mentality of owning up to what is going to happen and preparing to take it head on. Because of Stark's chaotic good attributes there is an apparent insight into his character. Chaotic goods never fully look at the situation and tend to be stubborn, however at the same time they have more options and allow themselves to be able to do more to react to any situation because they have much tying them down. They don't see loss as a sacrifice most times but rather an acceptable loss in the sense that they gave what they had and it contributed to end goal. So why Team Stark over Team Cap?

I believe that Team Stark is the better choice because it is blatant that there are more than just one outcome to any conflict. There are an infinite amount of probabilities and factors that we can use to control what happens after things have been put into motion. Any hero can understand that action taken to prevent any conflict before it happens can and will save millions of lives even though there might be some costs along the way. All that know that a situation can be solved before happens is the better choice, but if it comes down to it, can lay everything on the line should suit up and make your presence known. Because Tony Stark and his Iron Men are going to prevail and take care of the world.


So who do you support?


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