ByOscar Omar Bennington Shinoda, writer at

An 11 year old girl went straight to DC Comics with a letter that has become viral.

"I have 11 years and I love superheroes, I read comics and seen pictures since I was very small. I'm a girl and I'm angry because not many superheroes in movies and comics DC" begins correspondence.

"There are films of Superman and Batman, but none of Wonder Woman. They have a program for The Flash, but not about her," she continues.

"I have asked many people I know on whether they would Watch movies or would read comics with a superhero woman protagonist and they all said yes. Do something please also read comics girls and we care" she concludes.

After the letter was Tweeded repeatedly, DC Comics Responds through his official account: "Thanks Rowan We agree and we are working hard to create more content for the girls.".

Finally, the account also announced that Rowan's wishes were fulfilled: ".. Yes, Rowan Girls also read comics film, a Wonder Woman film and Supergirl TV show are in the process" said DC.

How about that

It is true, girls also read comics. We all know that. now, girls that really love comics must scream ´´I LOVE COMICS´´

Be one of them. Tell me on the coments if you agree with this very smart and cute girl. This is a new era. The era of the nerds (Boys and girls around the world)


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