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Every morning we woke up with new theories about Star Warrs VII: The Force Awakens.... Looking if Abrams launch a new teaser or more footage.

We all agree that Star Wars VII will be one of the greatest films of the year, but what are we going to see in the movie isn´t an official version and erveryday there are new hearsays.

According to Making Star Wars, The history would be kinda Indiana Jones considering that Rey (Daisy Ridley) y Luke Skywalker are hidden. Her parents are Han Solo ( Harrison Ford) y the princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) and their mission consists in protect a lightsaber able to bring darkness to galaxy. Lord Sith Kylo Ren is in search of artifacts to open a grave, which is protected by Luke, that is being tortured by evil spirits....

Lord Sith Kylo Ren
Lord Sith Kylo Ren

But wait, there's more: Domhnall Gleeson, who we soon see in Ex Machina, it will play a former rebel with a father or a mother reputable (has not been revealed who). Now part of the Empire and all because the Rebels are building a new ultra-secret weapon. More powerful than the Death Star? His character has to find Finn (John Boyega) to secretly destroy weapons both the Empire and the Rebels.

Gleeson will also have the help of an imperial soldier with chrome frame (wendoline Christie ), a ruthless and arrogant fighter with red and black coat and military haircut. She will chase Finn and who will be very good camouflage.

For now and although all likelihood have enough crimping ideas were scattered previously, remember that this is only a rumor about Star Wars VII: the awakening of force... A lack of new developments have to be content with search possible answers here and there, but the last word has Abrams, who incidentally, this week has talked about the controversial lightsaber of three points.


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