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I have to admit for this first one, I didn't like it very much at all. All the adults acted like idiots, while all the kids knew everything. This show was a huge waste of time to watch.

Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom, on the other hand, was very fun to watch as a kid. However, the fact that his parents (especially his dad) were suppose to be ghost hunters but couldn't figure out that their own son was a ghost is enough of a reason for them to make this list.

Even when his dad had a "ghost finder machine" that pointed straight at Danny, they still couldn't figure it out.

Fairly Odd Parents
Fairly Odd Parents

The name of this show does this couple justice. These certainly were "Fairly Odd Parents." If you notice your son cowering in fear whenever you mention the babysitter, you might want to do something about it.

Even when they opened the door and noticed Vicky sharpening a blade, they did nothing! They also didn't seem to care too much about Timmy when they were home, either.

Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron

I loved Jimmy Neutron! You have to admit, though, the parents (especially the father) were not too bright. Even some of Mr. Neutron's sayings can tell you that, for instance...

Rockets are flying things.

Jimmy Neutron was the brains of the operation and his parents (as well as the other adults in the town) were just along for the ride.

Kids Next Door is an obvious choice. The parents (or most of them, anyway) are either portrayed as evil or stupid while the kids are portrayed as good and smart. There is, of course, the occasional exception to that rule. For instance...

The Delightful Children From Down The Lane
Heinrich Von Marzipan
Numbuh 12

The entire premise of this show was to put kids worst fears about adults and adulthood onto the screen. They have the dentist, the daddy, the grandma, etc. They're all portrayed as evil characters. They even have a Crazy Cat Lady.

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