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Maine, the way life should be...

Nestled deep in it's black forests and jack-knife sharp coasts, awaits horrors from the most demented minds in "Vacationland."

Beyond the stories based in Maine, there are other horrors plaguing The Pine Tree State.

Escape From Jesus Island:

After years of failed experiments that create scores of hideously deformed freaks, ReGen Corp CEO Anna Thorne eventually succeeds in her quest to clone the Savior on a remote island testing facility. A pair of twins are born, Jesus and his monstrous brother Yeshua (A.K.A. Damien). Both have the full powers of Christ, but Damien is hell-bent on bringing about the Apocalypse and cleansing Earth of the plague that is humanity.

When the Vatican learns of Christ’s return and sends in an extraction team, all hell breaks loose in this comic book series from illustrator Mortimer Glum and writer Shawn French.

Chris has returned... A lot...

This sick and twisted graphic novel comes from the bowels of Maine, brought to us by Shawn French (Author), Mortimer Glum (Artist), Peeter Parker (Typographer), and Shawn Greenleaf (Editor).

Issues 1 And 2 are now available!

Amish Devil:

Damien Zygote brings us this sick and twisted nightmare inducing film.

Follow Faith in her trials and tribulations of her destitute Amish community.

Mixing creature feature aspects with psychological thrills and extreme shock horror, this is going to be something for every type of horror fan, the movie has yet to be released, but you can check out the feature trailer here!

Warning! Not Safe For Work!

Jakk Blood Designs

Maine Based Artist Jakk Blood experiments with blood and how to create synthetic versions of it suitable for things we use every day. Applying this concept to household Items, gifts and even masks, this experiment will be continuing on in the year 2015 with even more things available.

Fine Art Blood Mask.- Jakk Blood
Fine Art Blood Mask.- Jakk Blood

Finally, we come to the best special effects team of the state

The Shoggoth Assembly:

Click here to buy

Their work speaks for itself. Eric Anderson and his team are incredible, they have done numerous films and productions, they also make these incredibly amazing silicone masks, which are for sale all year long via their Etsy!

Imagine wearing one of these for a nice Sunday drive around town:

Visit their store!


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