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With Age of Ultron hitting theaters on May 1st, it's no surprise we've been seeing more and more promotions, whether through photos, videos, or merchandise. The third batch of photos have been released, though the path is kind of confusing. An account titled "Tony Stark Sincero" on Facebook has released these images. I don't know exactly what it is, but on other photos, he wrote "Not official," so I assume these are. How he got these, I don't know, but they're definitely good enough to be the real thing (which they probably are)! So without further ado, we have a look at...

Full Bodied Ultron

Black Widow

The Avengers

Captain America Throwing His Shield

Hulkeye? Hawlk?

A Very Familiar Photo

A New Photo of the Vision!

The Avengers (sans Vision) in New York

Hulk and Hulkbuster Gearing Up For a Fight

Ultron, Outside the Same Castle Captain America and Iron Man Go To

This one:

Vision (in front of the same castle, in a familiar stance)

The Long Awaited Fight

Ultron's New Instagram Photo

Hulkbuster vs. Hulk . . . vs. Captain America?!

Yeah this freaked me out. So are all the Avengers present when Tony and Bruce battle it out? And do they get involved? From left to right in the background, we see Hawkeye (drawing his bow), Scarlet Witch or Black Widow (I think), Thor, Captain America (intervening), and someone strong. My bet's on Quicksilver or Ultron. Possibly Nick Fury.

And Finally . . . ULTRON


Are you loving the Age of Ultron art?


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