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Abbi Davies

Me, my friend, Ellie, and her little sister, Maya, all went shopping up the local shops, when something caught Maya's eyes. She gasped, Look, a china doll! And we carried on.

A few months later, it was Maya's birthday. Happy Birthday! Shouted Ellie, and handed her a long, heavy box. She tore the pink glittery wrapping paper from the neatly wrapped gift. A massive look of happiness took over her face. There it was. The only thing she wanted.

The China Doll.

Maya put it neatly on her shelf, but didn't let go of it for an hour, until she had to go for her party. After they got back, Ellie was complaining of a strange vibe, and insisted they put cameras everywhere in the house.

After a week, something started happening. Me, Ellie and Maya went out for a snack, and headed back to theirs, and the doll had moved off of the shelf, onto the bed. Maya legged it, while me and Ellie checked the cameras, the doll walked over from the shelf, to the shelf. Of course, we didn't show Maya this, just said that we moved it there as a prank. Then went to play out the garden. Although Maya never noticed, me and Ellie spotted the doll walking from the shelf, to the window, the other side of the room. Just as it saw that we'd spotted it, it walked back to the shelf. Me and Ellie looked at each other, while Maya knew something was up, by the way we were shaking.

She nagged and nagged and nagged, she desperately wanted to know what happened, we just said that we saw a spider. She didn't believe us, but she knew we'd never tell her the truth. After an hour, she gave up. But things still happened.

About a week after, a faint smell of blood was in Maya's room, then when me and Ellie were investigating, blood started oozing out of the shelves. at that point we ran out.

We never noticed. Ellie's laptop was still in there. Ellie went in after it, and the doll was on it. she gently picked up the doll, realizing it wanted to be on the bed, and grabbed her laptop. She went for a drink, leaving it on the dining room table, when she went back, she opened it back up. It had a note on it. One Step, I'm on your bed. We screamed, then Maya saw. We said it was a prank that people did in school. She believed us that time, because it was true, we did do that. But not that time.

After an hour, me and Ellie went back to her laptop, when we saw Maya on there. She was pale white, and her jaw dropped. She marched up to her room, and binned the doll. We warned her that in stories like this, the doll always wants revenge after the binning. She didn't care, she just wanted that doll GONE.

Ellie slept over mine, while Maya was happy that that doll was gone. Of course Ellie brought her laptop to supervise the doll. Ellie phoned a few demonologists to perform an exorcism on the doll, they were coming out the next day. After a while, she checked her laptop. The bin was empty. She checked Maya's room, hers, Her parents, everywhere, then, the stairs. One step, I'm coming for you, Two step, I'm near you, Three step, I'm at your door. One step, I'm in your room, Two step, I'm at your bed, Three step, I'm in front of you! Maya awoke. She saw the doll had a knife. Maya ran, she headed for her parents room, too see them tied up, I'm coming for you. Written on their wall.

Ellie chucked her laptop and we ran to her house. The doors were locked. I phoned the demonologists, Amy and Nigel, they agreed to get there within five minutes. Ellie chucked a plant pot through the glass window and ran to her parents room, to see Maya and her parents tied up, blood on the walls, no one harmed, then we saw the doll, then a knife on the other side of the room. I grabbed the knife and Ellie grabbed the doll. Amy and Nigel came that exact moment, they must have gone through the window. They took the doll off of Ellie, and we untied Maya and her parents.

The doll was sold, along with the house. They moved closer to me, and we never bring up the doll. We're still best friends, and their parents didn't believe me and Ellie about the doll. They thanked us for phoning Amy and Nigel, and not even they bring up the doll. Maya has NEVER gone near a china doll again. And whenever she does, she starts singing. One Step, I'm coming for you. She does it to scare us. We just laugh, no matter the memories.


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