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Have you wondered what the difference in Fifty Shades of Grey book and the movie? With Friday night screening in New York we now know there’s five.

But there were more than a few changes from the book — including one very important, ahem, member of the cast.

*** SPOILERS ahead for those who haven’t read the book or seen the movie.***

Yes, the Audi cars, helicopters, the crop and red leather mattress all made the cut. So did the ripped and unbuttoned jeans that Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) only wears in his playroom.

But the closest the stars get to nudity is a hint, here and there, of the kind of hair Grey normally orders his girlfriends to wax off. Dornan’s “manhood” stays off the screen, despite its ubiquitous presence in the book.

Click me to see what the differences are.


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