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  • Even with the Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel, DC has not had as much success with their live-action films as Marvel. We all know that Marvel has had hit after hit with their movies, but can DC rival the Marvel powerhouse? Does DC have superheroes in the background just waiting to stand toe to toe with Iron Man and Captain America? Of course! DC is sitting on a goldmine of heroes and villains, and will hopefully use them in the future. And speaking of gold...

Booster Gold:

Booster Gold is made of many elements that can help DC.

  • Super Powers - Thanks to his suit, he has enhanced durability, super strength, lasers, flight, and other awesome powers. Put these all together, and you have the recipe for some epic action sequences.
  • Time Travel - He can travel through time. Enough said right? He has the ability to ride the DC timeline and meet ALL of the incredible characters DC has ever made. This also allows DC to use any environment throughout history they want.
  • Development - We love Batman, Superman, and everyone else, but how much do they grow as characters? They had their ethics carved in stone as soon as they put on their costumes. Booster Gold has not. We have the chance to see a character grow more as a person than we have yet to see from a DC superhero.
  • Comedy - This might be the most important element in his arsenal. He is funny, and most DC movies seem to be epic, but dark. Gold could open up the market for DC by tapping into a fan-base that loves fun movies. Guardians of the Galaxy was a movie that completely revolved around action and comedy, and it was the highest grossing film of 2014! Booster Gold could rival Guardians for DC.

The Question:

The Question brings something completely different to the table. Where as Booster Gold is loud, cocky, and super-powered, The Question is quiet, reflective, and normal. He may not seem like much at first, but he might be an even bigger hit than Booster Gold.

  • Fighting - He may not have super powers, but The Question is far from helpless in a fight. In a universe filled with powers and advanced weaponry, it might actually be nice to see a symbol for justice beat down some thugs with good old martial arts and tactics.
  • Development - Similar to Booster Gold, The Question is apt to develop as a character. From a loner with poor people-skills to being a beacon of Justice that must collaborate with others for the greater good.
  • Unique - The Question has one of the most unique personalities in the DC universe. He is certainly a good guy, but even his allies find him creepy and nuts. But he may capture his fan base perfectly when he talks to Huntress one night when he says "You're drawn to my eccentric charm". One of my few problems with Justice League Unlimited is that there isn't more screen time for The Question.

  • Mystery - Not every movie has to be action-packed. A movie can easily be made that revolves around The Question trying to solve a mystery with or without the police. He could almost become Sherlock Holmes set within the DC universe. There are so many people out there (me being one of them) that are waiting for another great "Mystery Film" like Inception that forces us to think and figure things out. Plus, the Director of Inception has already worked with DC and had a lot of success. Maybe he wouldn't mind a second round?
*Hint Hint*
*Hint Hint*
  • Awards - Before you count out The Question, there is another level to him. He might not land the box office cash that Booster Gold can, but he can do things that Booster can't. Being a film that focuses on thought and character development vs. action and obvious plot points, The Question is in a good spot to be the first comic book movie to ever have a chance of being nominated for a Best Picture nomination. Even The Dark Knight didn't get a nomination.


What do you guys think? Can DC use these guys against Marvel?


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