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This rumor mills regarding [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) have been churning this week as if it were powered by Bespin-imported Tibanna gas. Yes, it seems that one of the character we all know about in The Force Awakens will actually turn out to be the son to the farmer and the innocent Jedi hero, Luke Skywalker.


According to a rumor reported by, one of the key characters in the film will turn out to be an irascible Skywalker. Domnhall Gleeson, who played one of the Weasleys in the Harry Potter series, whose star is rising in dramas like Unbroken, and an upcoming cyber-drama, Ex Machina. As previously came up as a rumor on MSW's report, which depicted the relationship between Domnhall's character, a Rebel defector, turned Imperial Commandant and that of Gwendoline Christies' Chrome Shocktrooper. The latest rumor claims that he's actually a double spy in the film, whose agenda fits neither the sides of the Rebellion nor the Empire. This complements the previously rumored details about Domnhall's character, who supposedly defected from the Rebellion upon learning their plans to create a secret powerful weapon akin to a Death Star. Anyways, Luke Skywalker as a bearded recluse, who spent decades in hiding guarding a potentially powerful ''ancient Sith tomb'' w/ major Force-related implications. It could also be the case that this is the source of the new trilogy's seemingly obligatory Luke/Vader father/son conflict. This time, there's potentially more damage in store than a chopped hand if you know what I am saying ;).

Gleeson as Bill Weasley
Gleeson as Bill Weasley


Will you like Domnhall to play Luke's son?


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