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The news that The Legend Of Zelda might be coming to Netflix has been pretty crazy these last few days. Many fans are so happy they're singing everywhere while others are so angry they have gone and ranted everywhere. I myself am pretty excited to see this series being brought into the live action realm. I remember seeing something along those lines a while ago courtesy of a April Fools prank from IGN. If you don't know what i'm talking about ill leave the trailer below.

Its pretty great right for a prank right? I mean you really cant judge it that much for what it is but i believe its a good point to start for this series to get rolling. I will say however that i did not enjoy for a second that Ganondorf, but i am sure they will give more time for the series than this.

The big question now though is what will they be basing the series on more importantly which game? There's been debate over debate on the internet from old favorites like Majora's Mask to new classic Skyward Sword. I however believe we should be going with Ocarina Of Time because i think its the one most people would be familiar with. It is also just a wonderful story i'd love to see brought to life and be given justice. You can catch my latest video on this topic below about my thoughts on [The Legend of Zelda](movie:988445) series and my hopes for it below.

Is Legend Of Zelda Destined For Success Or Will We Get Another Flop From Nintendo?

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