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Considering this is my first ever post/review on MoviePilot I'd just like to say what an honor it is to be among other movie faneeks (fan/geeks) such as myself. Well with kissing ass out of the way let's get on with this beautiful review of perhaps the greatest neo-noir psych thriller (long sub-genre) of all time.

I have been a fan of David Fincher for as long as I can remember--or probably since Fight Club. But either way the man has a certain jenesequa that lets you know this is a DAVID FINCHER FILM.

What Works

First and foremost this is (spoilers-duh). I listed some elements in the movie that makes it what it is: a great creation!

  • Kevin Spacey as John Doe (probably his best movie performance--I say "movie" performance because people tell me House of Cards is really good)
  • The murders. According to the seven deadly sins each murder is carefully plotted by the killer and of course the director.
  • Brad Pitt's character laid out as a brash naive detective goes well with the plot which eventually becomes his downfall.
  • If you pay attention in the opening sequence you'll notice that each building has a number "7"
  • The entire Act 3 i.e. the climax works best. Here Kevin Spacey is talking his way into Brad Pitt's head which seems without fruition until the very end.

Here, take a look at the wonderful ending yet again.


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