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Seventh Son was Seventh Hell!
Seventh Son was Seventh Hell!

The folks at were nice enough to get me into an advanced screening of Seventh Son. Before seeing the film I believed it had a lot going for it. Good cast (Ben Barnes, Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore), fantasy films have a good track record of being fun, and it looked really great design and photography wise in the trailer. However, even all that could not save the Seventh Son.

1. Story

The story was unbelievably predictable and lacked any twists and turns that could have turned it into a contender. I can't believe there wasn't one person who worked on this film that didn't say something about this. Even adding one unusual turn to the mix would have bumped up their value incredibly.

2. Dialogue

I felt horrible for the actors in this film! Some of the lines felt so forced that you could tell they had to force themselves to say it. There's nothing worse than having an actor uncomfortable with their character's dialogue. It just completely ruins a performance.

3. Acting

While Ben Barnes, Jeff Bridges, and Julianne Moore are great actors, it looked to me like they felt uncomfortable in their character's 'skin'. No one really seems to flow with their character, as they should have. Olivia Williams was probably the most comfortable for me to watch.

4. Production Design

A lot of the sets felt phony to the point where it took me out of the film. A film or TV show, no matter how fantastical, should never feel so unreal that it upsets the audience.

5. Editing

The films editing wasn't as smooth as it should have been. There was some jumping around and just general lack of information that the audience could have used. This could have been easily fixed in the massive amount of time between release push backs.

6. Casting

Some of the supporting cast didn't feel they fit into the Seventh Son puzzle. Alicia Vikander who played Alice really didn't do anything for me till the end. Her stunt work wasn't bad, though that maybe due to her stunt double. The other supporting cast was so forgettable that I'm not even going to bother here.

7. Lack of Motivation

The whole film felt like they mod podged it together. With all the push backs on the release of the film, I can't help but feel like Seventh Son was the red headed step child that got forgotten and neglected. It felt like there was no direction for the characters and film, or any stylization.

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