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2014 was a good year in action and CGI action. I have compiled some of the best ones. Not in order though. Sorry for some low quality,

Godzilla: Atomic Breath

The return of Godzilla was much anticipated. When we finally got him, we got a new type of villain, MUTOs. This movie started a new era in Godzilla. In the final battle, fans were surprised and excited to see Godzilla's ATOMIC BREATH! HE FREAKIN' RIPPED OPEN A MUTO's MOUTH AND BLASTED THE MOFO UNTIL HIS HEAD FELL OFF! Godzilla be my bro after that.

Transformers: Lockdown

While Transformers: Age of Extinction didn't make my top movies of all time (not even close) it still delivered the promise of Michael Bay movies. Tough action with a crap story line and many times acting. The only thing saving this movie was the action. Lockdown was a much anticipated villain on my part. There were explosions.... Lots and lots of explosions. Kick ass action and well choreographed CGI. What T4:AOE lacked in story, it made up on action.

John Wick: In Da Club

John Wick is an amazing movie. Tough action and shows that you don't f**k with sad Keanu. Or you are majorly f**ked. When he was cap'in bad guys in the dubstep filled rave, it brought back old memories of CoD: BO2 with the slow-mo dubstep pistol fight that just blew me away. This movie needs a franchise.

X-men Days of Future Past: Time In A Bottle

Ahh, time travel and super speed. Peter Maximoff was the highlight of the whole movie. His attitude and use of his powers was just too good. Cut to slow-mo and we get an amazing action sequence with effects never seen before. The VFX game was changed with Evan Peters. What definitely sold the whole scene was the song that he was playing that just fit him perfectly. We all look forward to seeing him return in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Captain America The Winter Soldier: Elevator

Captain America: The First Avenger made people think Captain America was ok. The Avengers made people think he was the lowest on their favorite Avenger with Hawkeye below him (sorry Jeremy). Then Cap 2 made him a complete bad-ass that we have all been waiting for. He is now everyone's favorite Avenger. (always had been for me)

Guardians of the Galaxy: Prison Break

Movie of the year. Walking tree. Talking raccoon. Green assassin. Thesaurus lunatic. Galactic thief. What could go wrong? Well... a lot could..... BUT, James Gunn made this movie AMAZING! This scene was amazing. I couldn't find the full scene or even an "Oh... yeah!" short clip but this scene mixed humor and BA action together and created a new look into alien criminals. It gave us the most BA look at Groot and Rockets brother-hood and how well they work as partners.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Siege

DotPotA was an amazing movie. Amazing effects and another amazing performance from Andy. Monkeys charging on horses with machine guns was too badass. Humans running scared and being captured by gorillas. Commissioner Gordon armed up in Kevlar once again. This movie was very fresh and delivered some good action that I feel had no rival to the type of action it delivered.

Edge of Tomorrow: Exo

Aliens! Exo-skeletons! Respawning! Tom Cruise! Basically CoD Advanced Warfare on Extinction Mode. Sort of... because this is better. The action of super-mechanised war against almost liquid aliens is pretty amazing. Jumping, flying, RPG's. Machine guns. This movie has franchise potential if they keep up the good action.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Times Square

While this movie may not be on the top of everyone's list, it sure delivered in action. Agility v Electricity. The electronica music that filled the entire audience with electricity was brilliant and the cgi and effects was mesmerizing. Also, his gritty hoodie made a better look than the leather suit he wore later. The lyrics in the song were like Electo's own thoughts with the confusion and anger warped into electricity making the sounds and tune. The slow-mo spidey sense was wayy too cool.

Hercules: The Labors of Hercules

Hercules wasn't the greatest movie in my opinion. I went to see it in a drive-in theater along with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy. I was annoyed at the fact that they put a major twist on it. A more realistic twist that just threw me off. I wanted the Seven Labors. You get it in the beginning and I loved seeing the Rock kick snake/pig/cat ass. It gave me what I wanted until about 2 minutes passed. It gave some BA effects.

Need for Speed: Racing to Deleon

Sorry, the clip is in Italian. What's better than an illegal super car race. This one offers some pretty kick-ass explosions and cop chases. Vroom vroom, I thought it was pretty badass. The first race was also very cool but I prefer this one.

Robocop: Mech Battle

Even thought this scene is about 99% CGI, 0.5% VFX, and 0.5% actual acting, it still delivers some BA action. Using confusion of the robots to fight them makes the chaos all the more beautiful. Even if the first RoboCop was the best, this one was still pretty fun to watch.

22 Jump Street: Awkward Fight

This very scene mixes drugs, sex, comedy, and fighting all in one. The sex toys laying around. The good punches the girl was giving. The guy high in a chair. The naked guy on the bed covered in drawings. This movie delivered everything that it promised in this one scene. Action comedy. Also, the choreography is not bad at all.

The Equalizer: Private Room

Denzel Washington. What a BA. Pullin' some Sherlock Homes type of shiz then killing a room full of guys in 5 or 6 movements. This sequence was a great sequence. Quick and clean. Yet dirty.

Fury: Tiger Battle

This movie captured the intensity of being in a tank during WWII. When it is tank v tank, things get even more intense. This whole fight, I was on the edge of my seat and having to use the bathroom almost immediately. It was quite a good film too.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Snow Chase

Another one. Another Bay film. You can't get away for more than 5 minutes without a good explosion. This scene however was pretty cool and a bit funny. It was pretty damn high speed and gave us a good laugh and adrenaline rush (haha). Below are two more from Captain America: The Winter Soldier that I feel are pretty damn awesome.

Captain America The Winter Soldier: Highway

Captain America The Winter Soldier: Fury Chase


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