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Spider-Man is one of my favourite superheroes of all time. He's smart, witty and a total bad-ass, but his next big screen outing is unknown. Well, from what it seems, he's entering the MCU after Amy Pascal's leave from Sony Pictures, so here are my top picks for what the story could be in the reboot!

5. Hobgoblin


The Hobgoblin's story can fill up an entire movie all by itself. He's one of Spider-Man's most mysterious, deadliest and cunning foes. Some people may question how this will work as Hobgoblin comes after Green Goblin's death in the comics, but remember, Marvel likes to pull a twist on things with their movies, and plus, in the 90's animated series, Hobgoblin actually came before Green Goblin and was introduced in the first season of the show with a four part episode dedicated to him. We know now who Hobgoblin really was all this time, but this could be like a Mandarin twist in Iron Man 3. When Spider-Man finally defeats Hobgoblin, it turns out to be someone like Flash Thompson, J Jonah Jameson, or heck, Mary Jane Watson! But in the after credits, we see Kingsley, the real deal, with the mask in his hands.

4. Venom


Remember when I said Marvel likes putting a unique twist on things with their movies? Well, here's an idea. Spider-Man doesn't need The Black Suit for all that long with this idea. We're taking the Ultimate route with this. In Ultimate Spider-Man issues 33-39, we see Peter Parker has broken up with girlfriend Mary Jane Watson after discovering he's Spider-Man, and Gwen Stacy has moved in with May and Peter after her father's death. Finding old tapes from his childhood, Peter reunites with old friend Eddie Brock, who introduces him to the symbiote. Discovering that T.R.A.S.K, or in this case, HYDRA in secret, gained full rights to the symbiote and took it away from Peter and Eddie's fathers, Peter decides to take back the symbiote and conduct experiments on it himself. However, he accidentally gets the symbiote on him, creating a black and white suit with all new abilities. After nearly killing someone, he rids himself of the suit, when Eddie discovers Pete's secret life as Spider-Man and gets the symbiote on himself, and leads to a fight between the two with Peter not in costume. Holy hell, what a story that would be!

3. Maximum Carnage


Maximum Carnage saw the symbiote that powers Venom give birth to another symbiote that attaches itself to a psychotic serial killer named Cletus Kassady. Calling himself Carnage, Kassady would team up with several other super villains to wreck havoc on New York City. Spider-Man has to team up with Venom to take Carnage and his team down and save the city. The comic was essentially an excuse to get Spider-Man to team up with a bunch of other heroes. In movie form, it would be a great way to introduce Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, the video game was great and I'd love to see an updated version for modern consoles. If it takes a movie version to make that happen, that's fine by me.

2. Kraven's Last Hunt

Best Spider-Man story ever?
Best Spider-Man story ever?

Often regarded as one of the best stories in Spider-Man history, Kraven's Last Hunt centres around Kraven hunting down Spider-Man, defeating him, and seemingly shoots him dead. Kraven then buries him, and donning a copy of Spider-Man's costume, seeks to prove himself superior at his adversary's former activities. He roams New York, brutally attacking criminals. The culmination of these activities is Kraven's successful unarmed capture of Vermin, whom Spider-Man needed the help of Captain America to defeat. After two weeks, Spider-Man revives from the effects of the tranquilizer dart Kraven shot him with, and digs his way out of the grave. When Spider-Man confronts Kraven, the hunter does not fight back, considering himself the victor and his final point made.

Kraven then releases Vermin, who attacks Spider-Man, thinking him to be the one who so brutally beat him before. Vermin is able to defeat Spider-Man, but Kraven intervenes before Vermin can kill him. He allows Vermin to go free, and tells Spider-Man he can pursue him if he desires, but that Kraven's hunting days have ended. While Spider-Man goes after Vermin, Kraven retires to his home, reminiscing about his past and the peace he now feels, and commits suicide with a rifle. He leaves a confession of his burying and impersonating Spider-Man for the police to find, complete with photographic proof. Spider-Man catches up with Vermin and lures him above ground, where sensory overload renders him helpless. He turns Vermin over to the police and goes home to his wife, Mary Jane Watson.

Not a bad story, eh?

And at number 1 is...

1. Marvel Knights Spider-Man

Marvel comics created the Marvel Knights series originally so that they could tell darker, grittier stories away from the main Marvel flagship. Its first Spider-Man storyline was written Mark Millar, who would eventually go on to write Kick-Ass. In it, Spider-Man proves to the public that Norman Osborne is the Green Goblin and has him arrested. Unfortunately, Osborne had a plan in place for this, and Peter's Aunt May is kidnapped, with no ransom or demands given. At the same time, Venom decides he no longer wants to be a villain, and auctions off the symbiote (the alien creature that gives him super powers) to the highest bidder. So, not only is Spider-Man trying find and save his Aunt May, but he also has to deal with a new, more ruthless Venom running around. The storyline was written to feel like a big summer blockbuster, meaning it's just begging to be adapted for a movie. Wouldn't this make a great adaptation?


Which Spider-Man storyline should they use for the next movie?

That's all folks!


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