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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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With [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) releasing this year in May and not only do we get to see the Hulk battle it out with Iron Man's Hulkbuster armour, not only do we get to see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in action but it is also the beginning of the civil war. Speaking of civil war, Captain America is getting a Civil war movie next year in 2016 we are all excited to see Captain America and Iron Man going against each other in the Civil War.

It's Civil War!
It's Civil War!

Today's TOP 5 is about the TOP 5 characters we want to see join Tony's side in the Civil War.

5. Vision

Vision should totally be on Iron Man's side I mean no one understands advance technology better than Tony Stark who knows maybe Vision will get destroyed and needs repairing in Avengers Age of Ultron so he goes to Tony asking for help and in return Vision joins Tony's side in the Civil War.

4. Scarlet Witch

As you know Vision and Scarlet Witch are in love so that means Vision can't leave his beloved alone either Vision tells her to join Tony's side against her will or Scarlet Witch doesn't want Vision to be alone and doesn't want to join sides with Captain America. Plus Scarlet Witch and Iron Man are pretty close. (though in the movie it did say Stark will kill the twins's parents)

3. Hulk

Bruce Banner and Tony Stark are very close friends, the 'Science Bros' as you call them so Banner should side with Tony, besides Tony is very convincing. Though how will he join Tony's team when Tony beat him up to a pulp in Avengers Age of Ultron? Well either he forgives him or Cap got to him first and convinced him that he's on the wrong side.

2. Ant-Man

Iron Man and [Ant-Man](movie:9048) go way back but that's with Hank Pym's Ant-Man not Scott Lang however it is the MCU so you don't always have to follow the comics right? Maybe in the ending of Ant-Man we will see Scott Lang meeting Tony Stark, how about that and they'll become the new science bros. Besides Ant-Man is getting his own movie this year so why not see him in action in Captain America Civil War right?

1. War Machine

Tony and Rhodey are best pals they've been through a lot together and also they've known each other since high school why wouldn't War Machine side with Iron Man, I mean he is getting a new suit in Avengers Age of Ultron (so says the concept art) and plus it is called the Civil War for a reason all heroes need to be in it by right (well not all heroes but you get the point).

Honourable Mentions

Wonder Man

Ultron did created Vision using the brain patterns of then-deceased Simon Williams (Wonder Man) but what if he was never deceased?


Quicksilver might still hate Stark by the end of Age of Ultron but he would never leave his sister.

Ms Marvel

It would be great to see Ms Marvel show up in the Civil War.


Rumours been spreading around saying Spider-Man might be joining the MCU.


Who would you like to see join Tony's side in the Civil War?


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