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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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With Captain America Civil War coming to us next year we can't wait for a fight between Iron Man and Captain America, some of you have read my article on who should side with Iron Man in the Civil War if you haven't go to my profile and click on it.

This TOP 5 is for the ones that need to side with Cap in Civil War.

5.Black Widow

Black Widow and Captain America are now very close its like she's stalking him or something and plus Scarlet Johansson did say she will be returning for Captain America Civil War so what better way to make an appearance than to join Cap's side.


Thor is a prince so he knows what's best for his kingdom much like his father Odin, Thor would definitely choose freedom over the registration act because he wants to do what's right it wouldn't be a coincidence Thor will side with Captain America after the two are pretty close.


If it's the one thing Hawkeye is good at it's doing the right thing Hawkeye and Black Widow might not be in love but know each other very well and Captain America is a wise and persuasive so he could possibly just persuade Hawkeye into joining his side.

2.Winter Soldier

This isn't a coincidence Bucky Barnes is a long time friend of Steve and at the end of Captain America The Winter Soldier he tried to remember everything about him and he would sure go to Steve for help and Steve will tell him everything Bucky needs to know about his past his history and help him remember who he really is so then he would totally help Steve go against the registration act.

1.Black Panther

Black Panther had already been cast, Chadwick Boseman will be playing Black Panther and as you know Captain America's shield is made out of the rarest piece of metal on earth which is Vibranium and the only place where he can find Vibranium is Wakanda located in Africa, besides Cap's shield did broke in half in Age of Ultron...

we are looking at a broken shield
we are looking at a broken shield

And surely we will see Cap go on an adventure to Wakanda and would eventually meet the Black Panther and helps him fix his broken shield and then he'll also help Cap in the Civil War, but other than that he also wants to do what's right.


Who do you want to see side with Captain America in the Civil War?


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