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Marvel began it all from comics to the best hero movies ever made .

No matter how much the challenge marvel accepted and beat then all whatever the odds.

I think its time someone shows marvel how well of a job they are doing by showing what mostly shaped the comic book universe .

1.Howard The Duck

The first live action movie done by marvel may not have been the best one ever but it definitely starting shaping the future of the franchise .


Being one of the most well known and popular hero in the marvel universe it was time The Hulk be brought to the big screen and had the honour .


Being recently as one of the biggest and most iconically popular superhero Spiderman really brought out the capabilities of the Marvel

Tobey Maguire also played the perfect spider man anyone could ask for . (Yes , i prefer him over andrew garfield )

4.X-men Franchise

The first team of heroes from the marvel which put up quiet a movie and honestly one of the best franchises in movie history .

Having up to 6 movies and more in production .

5.Robert Downy Jr. Aka Iron man

We all have to admit one of the best things marvel did was the fact they cast Robert Downy Jr. as iron man and with out a doubt played the role unbelievably well and we were all very satisfied with the movies ( The second one more or less ) .

He did it so well not only did he make 3 movies and a billon dollar franchise out of it he also initiated the avengers ( which was one of the best things we could wish for but we will get to that later ).

6.Captain America

One of the not so popular and underrated heroes of the marvel universe Steve rogers proved his importance with Captain America : The first avenger and also in The avengers After that Chriss Evans also ended up with an amazing 3 movie franchise which right now had changed the marvel universe as we know it (i.e the hydra invasion in winter solider )

7.The Avengers

Much need not to be said but this one movie has changed the whole requirement of superhero movies and taken it to a whole new level , being the biggest blockbuster comic movie and initiating a sequence of movies which will last us a life time and be remembered in the history books as the comic book movie movement .

8.Guardians of the Galaxy

No doubt one the best comic book movies ever seen but the level of importance it plays in the marvel universe is unimaginable .

Being an unbelievable amazingly made movie it had the right amount of action thrill emotions comedy which a marvel movie needed ( Not to mention Chris prats Abs ) .

9.This list

After all this now what ?

Well i got your answer right here

Not only has Marvel announced 15 new movies .

Some which we already know in production

And this isn't the end people its the beginning of something new and something big which is gonna shape a whole new future and last for many generations to come .


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