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Cosplaying culture in Europe is getting bigger and better each year.The definition of passion,art and dedication is being defined by a group based in Germany named "Wasteland Warriors".Post apocalyptic theme has been around since a long time but the way these artists and role players portray them in real life is just astonishing.These people have clearly put in their hard work and have gone out of their way to make their world look like as that of Mad Max and Fallout universe.Not only this but they have also built customized post apocalyptic cars and bikes to suit their needs.

This group is so dedicated in their cause that they have divided their group into two factions-the militarized/dictatorial "5th Division Army" and the "Cannibalistic Raider Tribes".These factions have their own identity,uniforms,style,unique vehicles and weapons.However they don't do it for themselves infact they organize routine stage shows,live performances and even organize cage fights to entice the audience,they also make themselves available for promotional events,film/photo shoots.

Let's take a look at their recent exploits that took place in Germany-

These cosplayers can surely give Hollywood a run for it's money with their high quality costumes that are at par with their Hollywood counterparts.The love for their craft is clearly visible in their work.Let's hope that "Mad Max" creators discover them and use them in their promotional events around the world because this group surely fits the description perfectly.Regardless of whatever happens to them if an actual apocalypse breaks out,they sure look to be well prepared for that.



What are your thoughts about them?


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