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Okay, so there's been theory around for years that, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe , there is a Lucasfilms universe that includes everything from Star Wars, to Indiana Jones, to Red Tails, to THX-1138. They all take place in the same universe. If that's true, is it possible that we could ever see a crossover between both the Lucasverse (more specifically Star Wars) and Marvel?

See, Loki's happy...
See, Loki's happy...

I mean, looking at it from a more business perspective, both Star Wars and Marvel are owned by Disney. There wouldn't be an issue with businesses competing with one another like we would see if the idea of, lets say Justice League v. Avengers ever saw the light of day. If Disney ever wanted to, they could set this up rather easily.

Now I know what you're probably thinking at this point. "Not in a million years! How would that even work! You're crazy!" But what if I told you, the two have already been crossed over....

What if the two franchises have been crossed over for years and we've just had no idea? Why would I think this you ask? Because there's one link between both franchises. That Link is...

Who woulda thought?....
Who woulda thought?....

...Howard Duck! Wouldn't this make so much sense as to why the Marvel chose him as the end credits scene at the end of Guardians as opposed to, I don't know teasing the FRICKING AVENGERS! This short after credits scene may have been meant to be a link, to the Star Wars (Lucasfilm) universe!

Now let me break down how this could possibly work. First off I'm sure you guys remember that Howard Duck movie from the 80's from Lucasfilms. In this movie, Howard the Duck was brought over to what is assumed to be the Lucasverse version of earth through some sort of machine that allows him to travel through dimensions. While at the end of this movie, the machine is destroyed, it's naive to think that no one else in the world would ever attempt to recreate the device. Perhaps Howard grew tired of Earth and wished to return back to duckworld. Once he gets hit by the dimensional device however (since the people in this movie weren't exactly the brightest) it accidentally sends him to the MCU, where he is captured by the collector and held prisoner up until the events of Guardians of the Galaxy where the fighting frees him from his cell.

And that's the one thing showing that the Star Wars Universe can potentially be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! I know, it's hard to believe, I mean an MCU character has been brewing up since before the MCU was even created, over 20 years before the Incredible Hulk was even released! If you still don't believe it, think of it this way. AS TERRIBLE AS THIS MOVIE WAS, SOULDN'T WE TRY TO SALVAGE SOME USE OUT OF IT. I mean if this movie being made means this can happen...


I think I could deal with it.

What do you guys think? Could a Star Wars and Marvel crossover be on the horizon? Let me know in the comments section!

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