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Since Maleficent came out, and turned out to be a box office hit, Disney's been gearing up to deliver more live action renditions of their classics (regardless of whether or not we asked for them). And despite the subsequent films being focused more on the whole fairy tales, and not just on their antagonists, it got me thinking about which Disney baddies deserved their own features.

Yes, there are spoilers for these individuals' movies, but you'd already know that if you've seen a Disney movie. If not, then you can get the f*** out, right now! I said NOW!!!

5. The Horned King from The Black Cauldron (1985)

From the true "Disney folly" (look it up kiddos), The Horned King had the makings of a great villain. He appeared dark, mysterious, and frightening, had the rough, sinister voice of John Hurt, and had a freakin' army of undead soldiers. But, much like a past, hot girlfriend, he didn't have much of a personality. Which didn't make him that complex, or intriguing beyond his exterior. Yet, if a film was made, and his character got a makeover (leaving in his nefarious mannerisms/image), had the film's same motif, and there was an interesting story, it'd be an INCREDIBLE film.

4. Cruella De Vil from A Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)

The metaphorical love child of Tim Curry and Coco Channel (if she was insane), Cruella's memorable for her fab wardrobe, tenacious desire for a coat made out of puppies, and eccentric disposition. And her exuberant, yet creepy laugh (supplied by Betty Lou Gerson) sent shivers down our feeble, children's spines. A back story on how this little psychopath came to be would make for an entertaining prequel. Especially, if it followed her live action portrayal where she's a couture, clothing designer. As I write this there's apparently a Cruella De Vil movie in the works. Yay!

3. Professor Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

The ra--I mean mouse version of Professor Moriarty, Ratigan was a force to be reckoned with. He was mentally and physically strong. At whim, he could switch from a charming gentleman to a salivating monster. And it kind of helps that he was voiced by the menacing Vincent Price. Getting a glimpse of him and Basil's dialogue, it leaves you wanting to see them interact more. I'd personally love to see one of Basil's past capers involving Ratigan. Yet, it'd also be sad to not hear him voiced by Price again (since he died in 1993, my birth year! Wait a minute, am I the reincarnation of Vincent Price?! Nah, I wish. But, it would explain a recurring dream of narrating a Michael Jackson music video.)

2. Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog (2009)

Otherwise known as the Shadow Man, Dr. Facilier was described by his supervising animator Bruce W. Smith (creator of The Proud Family) as being the inspirational love child of Cruella De Vil and Captain Hook. This miscreant was beautifully played, and sung by Keith David (who unintentionally continued the awkward sentiment of crushing over an animated character). With his mystical Voodoo powers, he almost seized control of New Orleans before being defeated by Tiana, and returned to whatever the Voodoo version of hell is. With some obscurity about his past, and how he garnered these abilities it'd be worth a watch to seen how he came to be. Since a sequel with him returning doesn't seem likely (seeing how he exited), unless they start applying that straight to video Disney logic shit again.

1. Hades from Hercules (1997)

We have to give major credit to James Woods for the Hades we all know and love. Originally, the character was a booming and uptight god until Woods decided to play around, and played him instead as a schmoozing, lawyer type of trouble maker. (Also some props to Hades' supervising animator Nik Ranieri for the character's flamboyant animation). Renown for his comedic but ruthless tendencies, Hades has been acclaimed for as being one of the top Disney bad guys of all time. Despite being dragged down by his minions, Hades continued to make appearances in the Kingdom Hearts video game series, and a couple of spin off Disney TV series. (I guess he managed to escape after his subjects remembered that he was their MASTER, and wondered why were they doing this in the first place). And with his popularity, and bigger than life personality he could certainty carry a film on his own.

Do you think any of these baddies deserve their own flicks? Write below in the comments, or complain how I screwed up for not including your favorite villains because I was expressing my own opinion. I'll be delighted to read them.


Which of these villains deserve their own movie?


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