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There have been a ton of rumors and questions swirling in recent months, regarding everyone’s favorite web-slinger. Will there be [The Amazing Spider-Man 3](movie:671279)? Will Spidey make an appearance in the MCU? And perhaps most notably, will Andrew Garfield continue to portray the wall crawler on the big screen?

Rumor has it Garfield will not be brought into the MCU if Spidey makes the jump. So that leaves us fans to do what fans do best: speculate. And there has been no shortage of speculation. Web-heads from all corners of the internet have thrown out their ideas for the ideal Peter Parker. There is a long list of names that people want to see in this role. Tye Sheridan, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taron Egerton, and Daniel Radcliffe are just a few of those named. And sure each of those guys are great in their own way... but for Spider-Man? Not my choice.

No, my choice has been right in front of our faces for some time now. He has the look and currently plays a role that would make a very easy transition into that of Peter Parker. In my opinion, to find the next Spider-Man, you have to look no further than your own television on a Tuesday night.

That’s right, the next Peter Parker should be the current Barry Allen.

Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash on the CW’s latest hit superhero show, fits the Parker mold perfectly.

He’s got the look...

Gustin is a tall, skinny, young and nerdy looking guy. That fits the bill. Sure he’s a bit taller that Peter Parker (Gustin is 6’2” to Parker’s 5’10”). But that’s nothing a little creative camera work can’t fix. He’s young. This was my biggest complaint with Tobey Maguire’s Parker. Why is he graduating high school while he’s teetering on 30 years old?

He’s a nerd and he looks like a nerd. No offense to Gustin. He just doesn’t look like the captain of a football team. That was my biggest complaint with Garfield. He just didn’t have that nerd look. And they didn’t help that at all by having him be an X-Games level skateboarder. Gustin just looks like more of a science geek than Garfield ever could.

So that’s it? He’s tall, skinny and nerdy so he gets to be Spider-Man?

No, that’s not all it takes. The perfect Peter Parker picked a peck of pickled... whoa... got a little tongue tied there... sorry, let me start again. The ideal Peter Parker has to have the attitude. He has to have a cockiness that can rival that of Floyd Mayweather. This is where I think Garfield did a terrific job as Spidey. His trash talk was perfect.

I think Gustin can match that attitude. We’ve seen it in [The Flash](series:1068303). Barry Allen has the skills and he makes sure everyone knows it.

A lot of actors can act out a cocky attitude. I mean, it comes naturally to most of them. So, why is Gustin different? Because we’ve seen him do it. And I think most of us like the way he portrays an arrogant young superhero (I know I do). I think his experience as The Flash will have him prepared to play our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

So there’s my choice. Throw Gustin’s name into the Peter Parker hat. I would love to see him play Spider-Man when he makes his MCU debut.


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