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A while back, NBC announced that they had halted production for Constantine at the 13th episode. The show's future has been up in the air, with NBC execs staying quiet about what's in store for John [Constantine](movie:874314). We as viewers have no idea what to think now, considering the actors wear shirts and post them around, but other actors saying the show isn't cancelled, with NBC staying conveniently quiet about the situation. Everyone saw this as an unofficial cancellation.

Now though, a new report by Cinelinx suggests that seeing Constantine for a second season may not be that unlikely.

In said report, Cinelinx says that the second season of Constantine won't be on NBC Universal, but could be transferred or sold to NBC's "cable cousin," Syfy. This makes sense for a lot of reasons. NBC doesn't want to cancel the show outright, considering it's passionate fanbase and heavy presence on social media, so sending it to Syfy would be a good choice. Why? Because the ratings expectations on Syfy are a lot lower than on a strong broadcasting station like NBC. Putting it on Syfy would also allow for more creative control considering the different style of management.

But what would a show on Syfy entail? Well...


Constantine has had two previous live action performances, film or otherwise (including the show), and it has never been referred to as Hellblazer. If you're going to put a show on Syfy, you have to get an eye-catching name. Would you watch a show called Smith? No. Same goes for Constantine. Look at how successful Supernatural is (but it's being dragged out). This is like Supernatural, but with an already established fanbase, and would be super successful, if done right.

Ditch the Boring Parts, Focus on the Supernatural

One of the things fans don't like about the show is the procedural element that hamper the series' stories. Constantine's biggest stories follow him fighting demons or other supernatural beings. We haven't seen as much of that as we've wanted so far in Constantine, but we could definitely have a higher chance on a network like Syfy.

Bonus: Crossovers?

Yeah yeah, this is probably crazy, but considering both shows deal with hell and random places on different planes, there could be a chance of crossover, however small.

Anyways, take this all with a grain of salt. Hopefully this is true, because it could pull off exactly what the show needs to take off. Hopefully we can remember this and laugh when the show's in its 9th season.


Would you like to see Constantine move to Syfy?


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