ByTuna Dalaman, writer at
Tuna Dalaman

When I look at posts of Gotham, I saw too many things about Joker easter eggs. But when I looked at the comments, I saw comments like this ; Gotham isn't about Joker. But guys you saw Poison Ivy, Cat Women and most important Batman. But they are all child. It's not mean that we don't going to see Joker in Gotham. Joker is child in the past, right. He is not born in 30 years old. I don't know when the Joker is going to came to the Gotham. But I think that when he cames that episode's name will be Joker I think. Soo the only think we can do after this is just waiting. Soo let's sit to our chairs and wait.


What you guys are thinking about this ?


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