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A few days ago Nerdist news broke out with the new Titans Roster (totally contradicts my fancast roster but still would love to see Superboy sometime join the team in season 1. Artemis, Aqualad (Kaldar'Ahm) and Miss Martian in season 2)....

NIGHTWING (DICK GRAYSON): Recently getting over the partnership with Batman. Love to see Batman Flashbacks and to see the killing joke be the main reason why Dick leaves Bruce's side. He is also private detective in Boston. Okay ppl i am tired of seeing ppl put that he is a cop. Wrong... He is a Private Detective which means Private Investigator, which makes more sense than him being a cop. He starts off as Robin but will eventually don the Nightwing costume.

Starfire: Tamarian princess who in the comics becomes a great part of the core team of the Titans. Not alot of info on her for the Titans show except she shows at the end of the pilot episode with this other Titans member.

Raven: A half human, a half demon superhero. Daughter of interdimensional demon Trigon. She was another core member of the team. She will be going with the alter ego Rachel Roth that was made during Geoff Johns run in the 2000s.

Barbara Gordon: Formally known as Batgirl, commissioner Gordon's daughter, and the ex girlfriend to Nightwing (Dick Grayson). She will be wheelchair bound and the team's computer hacker. May result in a love triangle with Dick and Starfire. Not sure about this, still holding out for Artemis to be in this show whether its Thea Queen or Artemis Crock to be involved with Dick after Starfire. Love to see the killing joke in BG's flashback.

Hawk and Dove: No not the brothets version. Its the male and female new 52 version. Hawk an agent of Chaos and Dove an agent of Order. Interesting choice for the team. To be honest i have Dove dying in season 3 of the show and season 4 Hawk becoming the villian.

In summary I think this roster is interchangeable and love to see these characters later added to the roster....

Beast Boy- Dylan O'Brien

Like to see his origin start around in season 3 and linked to Miss Martian in someway. Like how they did it in YJ but different. And become full team member in season 4.

Robin (eventually Red Robin) (Tim Drake)

Drake and Grayson run into each in season 4 and becomes a major recurring character of the Titans team in season 5. Eventually may form his own team.

Zatanna Zatara- Lindsey Morgan

Zatanna is more of a character that will pop in on the team from time to time. Either cuz Titans ask for her help or vice versa.

Bumble Bee (Karen Beecher)- Amber Stevens

See her become a reccurring character with her boyfriend Malcom AKA Gaurdian in season 5 and pop in from time to time past season 5.

Guardian (Malcolm Duncan)- Sinqua Walls

He is in the show as a recurring character in season 5 and pops in from time to time.

Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)- Tyler Posey

Blue Beetle appears towards the end of season 4 and becomes a huge part of the team from season 5 and on.

Jericho (Joseph Wilson)- Mark Lawson

Entering around end of season 5 to help Titans vs Deathstroke but eventually becomes evil and dies in season 6

Ravager (Rose Wilson)- Leven Rambin or Claire Holt

Rose appears in Season 7 after her brother's death to help them and get to deathstroke. Becomes a nice recurring character.

Tulah- Kelley Rose Missal

Tulah comes in around season 3 and then in season 5 and helps the team in the war with Deathstroke and his allies. Pops in from time to time from season 6 and on.

Wondergirl (Cassie Sandmark)- Skyler Samuels

Major recurring character in season 5 and on.

Robin (Damian Wayne)- Zachary Gordon

Season 5 appearance as part of his grandfather's (Ra's Al Ghul) League of Assassins but is rescued from death by Deathstroke by Nightwing and Robin (Tim Drake). Eventually time passes and Batman sends his son Damian to learn from Nightwing how to be a better hero, a better person towards the end of season 7 and on.

Static Shock (Virgil Hawkins)- Leon Thomas III

Season 4 character pops in from time to time. Helps majorly in season 5. Pops in from time to time again after season 5.

Impulse (Bart Allen)- Connor Paolo

Appears in season 8 and on to help the team in prevent a certain event from happening.

Wingette (Cheyenne Freemont)- Chloe Grace Moretz or Mackenzie Roseman

Changing up her character and not a superpower being and not Nightwing's love interest. In this show she is Dick Grayson's long lost sister! Have her appear in Season 9 after Dick Grayson's supposed death. Finds out he was Nightwing the superhero and tries to carry on the legacy as Wingette. Gets help from his girlfriend Artemis (Hoping for Artemis in the show and as Nighwing's as they say his one true love and not Starfire.)



Only if Superboy is on the team. Appears in season 1 and is not so accepting of Superboys's presence until end of season 2. Appears from time to time.

Martian Manhunter (John Jones)- Lance Reddick

Appears in season 2 asks Nightwing for a favor. To have Miss Martian be part of the team. Will show up from time to time through the series, just to visit or help her train her psychic abilities.

Booster Gold- Ryan McPartlin

Appears in season 5 from the future to supposedly help out Blue Beetle. Learns to be a hero and will drop in from time to time.

Arrow (Oliver Queen)- Stephen Amell

Shows up only if Arrow crosses over with Titans Show and Thea becomes Artemis and/or Arsenal and they end up on Titans team

Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance)- Katie Cassidy

If Arrow crosses over with Titans show

The Black Archer (Malcom Merlyn)- John Barrowman

Appears only if Arrow crosses over with Titans show.

The Atom (Ray Palmer)- Brandon Routh

Could only appear if Arrow crosses over or The Atom gets his own spinoff show.

The Flash (Barry Allen)- Grant Gustin

Only if Flash show crosses over with Titans Show and/or has Wally West become part of the team.

Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)- Melissa Benoist

Only if Supergirl ever crosses over with Titans Show


Do u think Titans show will get past season 1


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