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Everyone has heard by now that Hollywood has revamped the 1982 horror classic, Poltergeist. Obviously we've been seeing Hollywood recycle films for quite a while now but this horror fan did not see this one coming. Not because the original was super spectacular or anything but for one simple reason, there isn't a HUGE following for Poltergeist like other classics, i.e A Nightmare On Elm St., Halloween, and Friday the 13th. So why make a remake for a film that although has a fan base, isn't as big? Simple, PROFIT.

Now, profit obviously isn't a bad thing (money does indeed make the world go round) but will this new revamped movie really be better than the original? Will it reach into the depths of my mind to seven year old me and make me thank the lord I never wore braces, never had a creepy clown, or lived on a graveyard? Or will it crash and burn forever to be remembered as an epic fail?

I'm not sure, but as a movie fan, I will indeed be heading to the theaters to see this one and write an in depth review.


Will You Be Seeing Poltergeist This Summer?


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