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Horror films and music are my two greatest passions so it makes sense that I should do a top horror themes for my first Moviepilot post. For me, music and horror films go hand-in-hand. A good, creepy song is a greet tool to get viewers engulfed in a terrifying world.

5. Cigarette Burns

Although this one isn't technically a horror film and is an episode from a horror tv series, I still included it with this list.

This theme is from episode 8, season 1 of "Masters of Horror." The theme is played on piano which is one of my favourite instruments for horror themes to be played on. The theme was written by Cody Carpenter. Son of director John Carpenter. John Carpenter is most famous for directing the original Halloween.

4. Rosemary's Baby

This one is probably the most eerie theme on this list. The song was written by Polish composer Krzysztof Komeda. Mia Farrow, who plays the lead in Rosemary's Baby did the vocals for the main titles. Her voice chills me. Something about the cheery "La La" melody just makes the viewer uneasy from the start. The mix of her eerie voice with the classical guitar just creates a chilling opening for the film.

3. The Exorcist

Not only is this one of the most haunting theme songs but one of the most brutal and disturbing films ever made. Of course you probably already know that. Part of the opening piano solo for the album Tubular Bells by English musician Mike Oldfield is used for the main theme. One of my fondest childhood memories is renting and watching this film with my father and sister. I was much too young to be watching it so my mother was angry but it was totally worth it!

2. A Nightmare On Elm Street

Freddy was my favourite horror killer growing up and the theme from the original 1984 film is still one of my favourites this day. This theme was composed by Charles Bernstein. At 1:06 in you will hear a chilling melody that almost sounds as if the wrong notes are being played. It definitely creates a creepy, dream-like feel to the film. Which if you know anything about the Nightmare On Elm Street series, you know why that's a good thing.

1. Suspiria

This one is by far my favourite horror theme ever. The creepy melody of the bells combined with the creepy echoing voices just makes horror music gold. It was composed by the very talented Italian band Goblin. Director Dario Argento uses Goblin for many of his films. This one however works the best. The strange music mixed with the beautiful lighting and colouring give this film an otherworldly feel to it. This is hands down one of Argento's best films and is probably his most well known

Well that was my first bad attempt at a post. I hope it wasn't too boring. Anyway, what was your favourite horror film theme? Let me know below.


Which was your favourite horror film theme?


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