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For my first time posting ever on moviepilot I will do something small (big deal really) and I'd like to thank moviepilot for allowing me to be a creator.


Swing Spidey Swing!!!
Swing Spidey Swing!!!

Now to business, there is a lot of debate on which Spider-man is better. The Spider-man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire was a good trilogy, but Peter Parker was never able to produce webs without the device he makes in the comics.

Also Tobey did an excellent Peter Parker but needed a lot of work on the Spider-man part of his life, no offense Tobey.

On the other hand the first Spider-man movie got the origin of Spider-man's power to a T.

Unfortunately though Spider-man didn't have that witty attitude in this trilogy like the comics and tv shows have.

There's the web devices...
There's the web devices...

Now for Andrew Garfield.

Excellent Spider-man persona, but in my own opinion he needed work on Peter Parker. The origins of his powers were slightly off in The Amazing Spider-man, Peter was trying to get to Dr. Connors and ended up stuck in a room full of spiders, unlike the field trip origin he has in the comics.

I'd like to see who Marvel would choose to be Spider-man.

So in your opinion, who is the best Spider-man? Who would be a good choice to play Peter Parker/Spider-man?


Who is the better Spider-man?


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