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About a month ago I posted a story that listed ten things we need to see in Captain America 3: Civil War for it to properly follow the comic book storyline and become the movie we all want to see. Since then, I have become much less hopeful.

It is becoming more and more apparent that this movie will be an adaptation that is loosely based on the popular story from the comics. What has happened in the last month to change my outlook? A lot.

First, and perhaps most important, there were the rumors regarding Spider-Man. Now, I don’t believe any of them until I hear the words come right from Kevin Feige himself. However, the popular belief is that a deal is in place to bring Spidey to the MCU for the Infinity War films. If that is the case, Spider-Man will not be around for Captain America 3. No big deal. Oh, I also heard that there is going to be a remake of Star Wars: A New Hope but they don’t have the rights to Luke Skywalker so he just won’t be in it. Sounds great right?

The second thing that happened was the casting of Daniel Bruhl as a villain in Captain America 3. It has been revealed that Bruhl will be playing Baron Zemo, a major villain in the Marvel Universe. But this is good right? Zemo can be the leader of the Thunderbolts, number three on my list. This seems unlikely now though. It seems much more likely that Bruhl will serve as a featured villain in the film. Either that, or he will only briefly be featured in order to set up a future Thunderbolts or Masters of Evil movie (I mean check out the roster of Helmut Zemo's Masters of Evil and tell me the MCU isn’t set up perfectly for that).

Another huge reason my hope has diminished is not because of something that happened, but rather, something that has not happened. There has been no confirmation or even reliable rumors of new heroes being brought into the MCU. Now maybe I’m just being a little bit impatient with that, but the clock is ticking. Marvel doesn’t have a whole lot of time to get a bunch of new heroes introduced. It doesn’t seem like we will see armies of superheroes behind Cap and Tony, but rather very small teams of the heroes we already know.

So, with all of that said. Let me revisit my list from a month ago, and reassess the likeliness we have of seeing those things happen.

10. Goliath

Not much has changed here, except for the fact that my optimistic look on this movie as a whole has now become pessimistic. Goliath could still very well appear in a Netflix series and carry over into Civil War, but I wouldn’t be too sure of it.

9. The Negative Zone/Project 42

There may not be much use for a superhuman prison if there are not a great deal of superhumans. If we do in fact see a large number of characters introduced, then I am very confident we will see the Negative Zone prison. Until then however, I think Project 42 will be scrapped.

8. The Return of the Red Skull

This one is interesting. The appearance of Zemo certainly impacts the likeliness of this happening. But how? Does it make it more likely because it introduces another villain from Captain America’s past? Or does it give the Marvel team a new villain to replace the Skull with? I am very interested to know if we will see the Skull come back.

7. Daredevil

Nothing changes here. I am still confident that we will see Daredevil in Captain America 3: Civil War. I also wanted to see a very specific line from him, that we could still very well see despite it being said by Danny Rand as Daredevil and not Matt Murdock.

6. Thor Clone

This one I have almost completely lost faith in. This is a huge part of the Civil War story. But again, I don’t think we will be getting the Civil War story. Instead, we will be getting a very simplistic and watered down version of it. Expect to see Thor himself play a role in this film, not a rogue clone of him made by Tony and Hank Pym.

5. Nitro and the incident in Stamford, CT

I’m not entirely writing this off, but I think we will see some changes. For example, I’m not expecting them to use names of the characters involved in the incident. We will just know of this as an incident. This will allow them to revisit the ‘incident’ later and use it to lead to any story they might want in the future.

4. Maria Hill

It seems to be a popular theory that Maria Hill will be killed in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035). Now, I’m no Maria Hill fan by any means, but this would still be very upsetting to me. Hill plays a major role in the Marvel Universe. Eliminating her now means drastically changing the stories we love. Plus it will rob the audience of this fantastic line...

3. Thunderbolts

As I’ve mentioned, Baron Zemo’s appearance will impact this greatly. However, I think it removes any possibility of us seeing the team of super-villains-gone-straight in Captain America 3: Civil War. We might see a mention of them after the credits, or get a brief hint at them, but I doubt we see them play a prominent roll in the movie. We may not see them at all if Marvel chooses to go with the Masters of Evil instead.

2. A Big Showdown

I’m still confident in this happening, we just have to be flexible with what we consider to be big. We may see teams of four or five going at it, rather than teams of 20. Then again, Marvel could choose to focus solely on the struggle between Cap and Tony (a direction in which they seem to be going). We may never see the two sides completely come together at all.

1. Spider-Man

Forget it. It’s dead. While I’m not sold on the deal that places him in Infinity War, I don’t see a different deal that could get him into Civil War happening fast enough. Filming is set to begin soon. Is it really possible for Marvel and Sony to work out a deal and for Marvel to cast someone as Spider-Man and prepare him for filming in such a short amount of time. I suppose it’s possible, just not at all likely. I think we as fans need to let go of the thought of Spider-Man appearing in Civil War.

So there it is. I’m no longer expecting the epic movie that this story could have created. Instead, I find myself wishing that they weren’t planning to make this film yet and that they would save it for Phase 4. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and I think we can expect to see a shell of the Civil War storyline crammed into a two and a half hour movie.


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