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Its pretty great to see the future of comic book movies look bright in these coming years. It really is the greatest time to be a comic book lover with movies coming left and right from both DC and Marvel. Even if Marvel is split into basically three were still getting movies from all the studios. The real hero though we can all thank for this is of course the first Avengers movie.

You can thank us later DC
You can thank us later DC

Up until Marvel's Phase One the only heroes we saw get moderate success were Spider-man and Batman. Then cue in Iron Man one and a miracle was born and we got Thor and Captain America. The three proved to be such a success that the Avengers were born and nothing was the same after. If it weren't for this movies critical and financial success then i doubt we would be seeing and hearing about all these superhero movies coming out. It gave studios the courage to go forth and push out their respective heroes from Warner Bros Justice League to Fox's Fantastic Four. When you have so many superheroes and studios desiring the success of Marvel Avengers you're bound to have hiccups like in Spider man's case sadly.

its okay spidey we know it wasn't you
its okay spidey we know it wasn't you

I mean the X-Men seem to have gotten it together after The Last Stand so i still have hope Spider man will find his way back. I also think DC might have learned a thing or two after the fail that was the Green Lantern but think of it as a blessing. If Green Lantern had been a huge success we might not have gotten Reynolds as Deadpool and we all know that's a match made in heaven! I mean everyone wants to have a shared universe now even outside the comic book world just watch Dracula Untold or Godzilla. Apparently there's plans for Universal to have the monsters come together in various situations as well as rumors with Godzilla and the upcoming King Kong movie. That will be for another article though this is about the comic book character we all love and the new team coming to compete with the Avengers.

The Justice League might be the only franchise that has a chance to achieve relative success just like the Avengers did. I myself was not completely blown away by Man Of Steel but hope that it can be redeemed by the upcoming Batman V Superman movie. The big question now though is what is next for the Avengers to introduce that we haven't seen yet. Are they still able to set the bar for the other comic book movies and take things to a new level? Absolutely! The Avengers will be giving their shared universe a bigger playground with the upcoming Avengers Age Of Ultron. In Age Of Ultron not only by the looks of it will we start seeing the Avengers go global trying to stop Ultron but maybe some peeks at space and other dimensions. Its actually really exciting to think of the possibilities that still lie ahead for Marvel with their upcoming movies I mean having the Guardians and Doctor Strange bring the cosmic and mystic realms means many more characters into the already jam packed universe.

I'm pretty optimistic for what lies ahead for the MCU they seem to have everything in control and know where they are headed. They truly are the pioneers for the shared cinematic universe and I'm sure we will be seeing much more from them. I do hope that Warner Bros and all the other studios have as much success as the MCU has had because who doesn't love seeing superhero movies on the big screen? Thanks to Iron-Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and their brave step forward were getting an avalanche of comic book characters.

Which comic book movie are you most looking forward to and why let me know in the comments!

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