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I can't stand Iggy Azealia. She drives me up the wall. The way she appropriates black culture, her terrible music, that fake accent she uses, her racist music videos. Everything. Everything about her is awful. But she will only go away if we stop talking about her. Iggy's success stems from controversy. But not because shes making smart yet vulgar observations about our culture like say, Eminem. No, Iggy has catapulted to the top by appropriating black culture. First, she uses a fake southern accent. Why she doesn't just rap in her regular Australian accent I will never know. Second, She has made racist remarks in her music. Touting herself as a runaway slave master. Not only is she copying a Kendrick Lamar line basically verbatim, but shes doing so in a black culture genre. This shows supreme disrespect on her side.

Please please please go away....
Please please please go away....

Iggy even went as far as to make the whipping movement in the songs music video. Disgusting. Iggy Is appropriation incarnate. None of us can stand her. And I thank any god that there might be that she did not win best rap album last night at the Grammys. But the best way to get rid of her is to stop talking about her. Completely ignore her. She no longer exists. Unless you see her on the street. feel free to boo her and throw vegetables. If we continue talking about Iggy, she will only become more popular. Race should not be over looked. That conversation NEEDS to continue. However Iggy as an artist? lets just pretend her music never happened.


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