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The Joker made his first appearance in a comic Batman No. 1. Since then it has been the main villain of our hero from DC. This villain was played by various actors in class, as Jack Nicholson, Cesar Romero and Heath Ledger, and in 2016 by Jared Leto.

But this character has been played by these actors does not mean that things have to be always the case. The roaster Hollywood is quite extensive to get stuck in only that actors.

Here are five actors who could fill the pants to a whole new Joker.

  • Cillian Murphy:

The Irish actor 38 years would be a new version of The Joker, a little bizarre and disturbed. He did a good job playing the Scarecrow in Batman Begins, has that disturbing and scary touch, as in horror movies we all love. In my opinion could give the disturbing touch and traumatized a Joker class. Could well turn around for a new Joker in the film or television.

Surely this actor could play a creepy Joker, exactly as we all want to see.

  • Adrien Brody:

The 41-year veteran actor could play the character in a way never seen before. Expressions truly bizarre is what you seek to bring to life as iconic and enigmatic as it is The Joker character. Really, a perfect Joker.

Surely more than one would want to see Batman fighting.

  • Robin Lord Taylor:

The actor of 36 years has done a great role playing '' The Penguin '' in Gotham. Not only has done a wonderful role, but has demonstrated the capacity to play such a complex character. Already there have been several theories, speculating that really is The Joker.

In fact I would not mind that all these theories turn out to be true.

  • Willem Dafoe:

The American actor of 59 years could revive an old Joker. A mature Joker and sinister, with a dark touch and gloomy. With the experience and having worked as a villain in Spiderman, the actor would give a promising good interpretation.

You expect to see it as a new Joker?.

  • Rhys Wakefield:

Young twenties, could turn things up a bit. Giving a twist to the character of Joker himself, could have a sociopath and daring personality; ignoring boundaries themselves from reality. In fact I would like to take this young actor playing our villain in a movie of DC Cinematic Universe. I think this young actor could give fight to the other actors mentioned above.

So what you think? some of this actors can fill the shoes to interpret a enigmatic character like is The Joker?.


And you whom you prefer?


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