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Marvel Studios wants the woman who is arguably still the most popular actress in the world to sign up for "Captain Marvel" - as a DIRECTOR!

If there was any doubt that Kevin Feige and Company aren't just "checking boxes" with their first Marvel Cinematic Universe film starring a female lead, the latest rumor - if true - should put that to rest.

According to "OK!" magazine, which has a pretty okay track record with these kind of rumors:

Disney executives have offered Angelina Jolie $20 million for the directed gig on Captain Marvel. They decided to go after the actress-turned-director after watching her second feature film Unbroken, which opened Christmas day. An inside source claims those involved with the decision making process at Disney and Marvel were beyond impressed with her skills in bringing the story of Olympic athlete turned POW Louis Zamperini to the big screen.

This is wonderful news! If correct, it means Disney really is pulling out all the stops to make this film as much as an event as possible. They know the general public is not familiar with the character? Short of landing Jennifer Lawrence for the lead role, there is no way they can give the film a public relations and marketing boost than to have Jolie directing.

No matter who they wind up landing to play the lead, by landing Jolie, Disney would be guaranteeing the film tons of media coverage and interest from outlets ranging from "The View' to "Entertainment Weekly" to "Entertainment Tonight".

What's even better is that "OK!" says that Jolie would be thrilled to do it:

"She never thought she'd be in such huge demand as a director, and to be courted by Marvel after the Sony fiasco is a huge pat on the back."

Indeed, after the hubbub from the Sony hacks and the criticism and Oscar snubs for his passion project "Unbroken", Jolie is almost assuredly tickled pink that Marvel would want her to helm one of their high-profile films.

According to the source, Marvel Studios clearly wants a woman to helm the first adventure of "Marvel's Wonder Woman" on the big screen. The $20 million offer, if true, would prove Marvel is beyond serious about landing Jolie.

This is the studio, after all, that wanted Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans to come back for "Avengers: Age of Ultron" for $200,000 each after they helped make the studio and parent company Disney billions.

So, fans should be pulling for this deal to get done and for Jolie to use everything she's learned from films like "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider", "Wanted", "Salt" and "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" and make a kick-butt "Captain Marvel" movie!

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