ByArleo LaRocque, writer at
Arleo LaRocque

Many fans of Martian Manhunter, including myself were wondering if we would ever see Martian Manhunter appear on film especially after the comments made by David S. Goyer. But now it appears like there is a glimmer of hope hinted at us in DC Comic's post Convergance comic line up. Cyborg, who is scheduled for a movie in 2020 has been confirmed to recieve his very own ongoing series to get fans ready for his upcoming film. What is also interesting is that [Martian Manhunter](movie:1067134) will also be starring in his very own ongoing series as well. Many people growing up like, myself became interesting in this character when he appeared in the Justice League animated series. Could DC Comic's be prepping their audience for a Martian Manhunter debut in the DCCU?

Let me know what you guys think in the comments.


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