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Okay, this article won't really be an article so much as a opinion post and exposition about me. If that's what you're here for, then go for it. Read it. If not, go to my profile by all means and choose another one to read. Now, to continue. There's a bunch of youtubers who do this thing called the 'Comic Book Tag'. Well, as a Moviepilot creator, I figure that's pretty cool and decided to try my hand at it.

1. What was your first comic?
This took some thinking actually. I first read Archie Digest, but then that's Digest. It isn't really the big pages of the comics. So by that definition...okay story time. I think I was about fourteen, and I hadn't really even heard of superheroes much before. I'd of course heard of Spiderman and Superman, but I wasn't really truly familiar with them. Faster than a speeding bullet? Bird, plane, whatever? I knew all stuff. Otherwise though, nothing.

Enter a box of free comics I found. It was full of a mixture. It had a couple of Scrooge McDucks, some Sonic the Hedgehogs and some more teen-adult comics. I read the Sonics first. I'd been a fan of him for a while. Once I finished those, I read the Scrooge McDucks. Then I jumped into the foray of regular old comics. This happened with a couple of raggedy copies of Spiderman. And some beautiful issues of Daredevil (I still own them - issues #185, 186, 244 and 252). There was even an issue of The Flash in there. I loved the idea of people with special powers.

The interesting part of all of that is that not only is Daredevil still one of my favourite heroes, one of those issues features Black Widow. Until I skimmed through as I was writing this, I didn't realize she was even in there and yet she's always been my favourite heroine.

2. What was your last read comic?

Haha that would be one I'm still working on reading. Teen Titans, New 52 volume 4. Wondergirl, Superboy and Kid Flash. For a while I couldn't stand DC Comics. Batman just got on my nerves with his whining, and Superman always seemed overpowered. Overpowered characters always seem like lazy plotting to me. With New 52 though, my love for Superman was rekindled so don't worry. What kept me reading DC Comics were two characters I thought were really cool. Wondergirl Cassandra Sandsmark and Supergirl Kara Zor-el. Supergirl is still my favourite female heroine ever. She even tops Black Widow when compared with Marvel. Wondergirl comes in second with Black Widow in third. They kept me reading DC Comics, which is why I'm so excited about the TV series for Supergirl coming up on CBS.

3. Favorite comic book character?

Supergirl. Hands down. We went over this. I guess I jumped the gun a bit on that one. Next is WonderGirl, then Black Widow. Sue Storm is also in the running there. She-Hulk the smart sassy lawyer fits in there too.

Supergirl and Wondergirl win though because they were the sarcastic ones getting the job done but still being totally relatable to me. Even if Supergirl came from a whole other planet, she was getting emotional about other stuff. Wondergirl was losing her temper and being all moody too.

4. Favorite comic book event?

I don't really distinguish things by events so much. So I don't really know the event names to choose from. I guess Avengers vs. X-Men would be my favourite. I loved it, and the introduction of Hope Summers was pretty awesome.

5. Favorite comic book writer?

That would have to be Tony Bedard. Most of my favourite comics have his name on them somewhere. He and Scott Lobdell. They both write in ways that engages my brain as a fiction writer and challenges me to do better with my own stories.

6. Favorite comic-based movie?

That's a tricky one. I'd probably have to say Iron Man 2. The dynamic between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts kept me wanting more. Man of Steel comes in a close second for this one, I have to admit.

7. Marvel or DC?

I honestly don't like to choose. I like them both. If I was put in a situation where I had to choose Marvel or DC to read for the rest of my life, I'd probably say DC Comics. Despite the misgivings I had, my favourite characters are mostly in the DC universe and if I had to choose a company to read for the rest of my life and one to completely ignore, DC would win just on the basis I'd want to keep up with my favourite characters.

8. Favorite graphic novel?

That is just not fair. I've read so many. I read manga too. Do the volumes of comics count? If they do, I'll go with the Ultimates Fantastic Four. It has a very engaging plot. I'm devastated they've discontinued FF, honestly.

9. Avengers or X-Men (or Justice League?)

Avengers! Spiderman, Iron Man, Black Widow, Spider-woman (I have a lot of favourites okay?) and more!

10. Why do you love comics?

I love comics basically for the same reason I love all fiction books. They tell a story that I can feel like I'm living. I can jump into that other world if I need an escape, or if I just feel like reading. And in that world, I can have friends who have those superpowers. Who know that with great power comes great responsibility. Who trade sarcastic quips with villains even when they're in deep trouble with that self-same villain.

So what do you say? An okay beginning? I'm fairly new to comics, but that doesn't mean I don't love them as much as the rest. I love them. What's your favourite superhero, or do you have as hard a time picking a favourite as I apparently do?


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