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Marvel and DC—the two biggest names in the comic industry! For years, these comic companies have been bringing us delightful stories full of joy, action, horror, comedy and adventure! They've amassed millions of fans during their career, fans that are extremely prideful of their preferred comic company.

Marvel vs DC is the one topic that will get any comic fan ranting for hours! Who would win between these two comic book powerhouses? It's a question that unfortunately can never truly be answered. Yet still, we ask for the answer. We argue over who would win against who and how! It's all a bit maddening if you ask me.


But luckily, Marvel and DC have heard our plight. And also luckily, instead of settling it like mad men and duking it out (though they have done that before), they decided to show us that we should be taking sides, we should be loving them equally. How did they prove this to us? Well in the only possible way; combining several of their heroes together and creating an entirely separate universe!

Yes, this large combined universe that looks like Tumblr shippers held Marvel and DC hostage is real! And it's full of "fusion-ha" characters that bring out the nerd in all of us (luckily for me, I wear my nerd on my sleeves)!

The Amalgam Universe is home to some of the coolest Marvel/DC mash-up characters we've ever seen! So in honor of such a cool universe, which I do hope makes a re-appearance (maybe even in Secret Wars?), I've made a list of the top 5 best Amalgamated heroes and villains!

Note: This list is entirely my opinion. If you don't agree, that's cool.

5. Lobo the Duck

Amalgamation of:

Howard The Duck + Lobo

This guy is number five on the best list because he is so incredibly ridiculous! A mix of foul-mouthed duck Howard the Duck (Marvel) and foul-mouthed space bounty hunter Lobo (DC), you can take one look at this guy and assume he's just one big joke! I mean, an anthropomorphic talking duck and an inter-galactic ruthless bounty hunter? This is clearly just a mix they threw together last minute when they realized only had Lobo and Howard left.

But nope! This guy is serious! He's got all the features that Lobo and Howard share. A ladies-man, foul-mouthed and greedy, these two are evidently a match made in heaven. They're even given a pretty interesting storyline. Set in a universe where some of the other Amalgamated heroes are dead, Lobo the Duck decides to investigate their murders after he realizes...they owed him money. He's a hilariously epic character! The only problem I have is the fact that his left arm is just Lobo's while his right is Howard's. Super weird design Marvel/DC...

4. Super-Soldier

Amalgamation of:

Superman + Captain America

At first glance, Super-Soldier just looks like Captain America with a Superman cosplay shield and a slightly different costume. But he's no such thing! Taking two of the most powerful characters in comic history, Super-Soldier is nearly indestructible! The story goes as follows:

In 1938, a space rocket fell from the sky. No one was sure where it came from and nothing inside of it survived. The US army took the cells from the alien corpse within and used them to create a "Super Soldier" formula. When WWII came along, the formula was injected into a volunteer named Clark Kent as a means of turning the tides in the war! Not only was Clark given reduced aging, super strength and everything else Captain America has, he was also given the extraordinary alien powers of Superman; including flight, super-vision and hearing and laser-vision! If you though Supes was overpowered, you haven't seen Super-Soldier yet!

3. Doctor Doomsday

Amalgamation of:

Doctor Doom + Doomsday

Doctor Doom and Doomsday are already dangerous sounding apart! They each have DOOM in their names! So of course, putting them together makes the most lethal weapon in the world since Mel Gibson (sorry, had to do it)!

Victor von Doom became obsessed with the origins and inner-workings of the fallen alien Doomsday. While examining the creature, a bone fragment from Doomsday exploded in Doom's face, combining his DNA with that of the horrible villain! Angered that his handsome features were ruined, but happy that he finally had immense power; Victor became the horribly grotesque and evil Doctor Doomsday! He has all the intelligence and knack for scheming of Doctor Doom and the ability to create mass destruction and mass hysteria like Doomsday. Basically if he's on your planet, you better move to a different one!.

2. Hyena

Amalgamation of:

Sabretooth + Joker

The Joker is a bloodthirsty psychopath who has gone completely insane and finds joy in the harm of others. Sabretooth is a bloodthirsty psychopath who has gone completely insane and finds joy in the harm of others. AND he's not shy about eating people! Put these two together and you've got enormously dangerous psychopath, Creed Quinn.

Creed is part of the Weapon X Project, the government program used to create a human weapon for their own nefarious purposes! Creed survives the program, but his sanity does not. He becomes a scarred and deformed man with absolutely no sanity! A stone cold killer, Hyena is one of the greatest villains to come out of the Amalgam universe!

1. Shatterstarfire

Amalgamation of:

Starfire + Shatterstar

Starfire and Shatterstar are two characters that don't share a whole lot in common. But their amalgamation, Shatterstarfire, is pretty awesome.

Hailing from the planet Tamojoran, Princess Koriand'ru is a skilled fighter, with expertise in hand-to-hand combat and swordplay. She gets rescued from an ambush by Spider-Boy (the amalgamated hero of Spider-Man and Superboy). She is reluctantly taken to Earth by Spider-Boy and soon after joins the superhero team known as the X-Force. Her story is one of the most well thought out and interesting stories in the Amalgamated Universe!

So there you have it! My top 5 best Amalgam Universe characters! Did you like any of them? Which was your favorite? Tell me in the poll below!


Did your favorite make the list? Who?

And if you have a favorite of your own that didn't make this list. Don't be shy, tell me your favorite down in the comments section!

And one more question, would you guys want to see me do a 'Top 5 Worst' Amalgam list?


Do you want to see a 'Top 5 Worst' Amalgam list?


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