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The biggest night in the British film calender occurred last night, there were some obvious wins and some not so obvious, so lets take a look:

Best Film:

Of course, at the Oscars, we know this is a two horse race between "Boyhood" and "[Birdman](movie:780317)", both incredible films. But with this being the Bafta's, I suspected that "The Theory Of Everything" might just wiggle it's way through and nab that prize, thankfully though, the award went to Richard Linklater's "Boyhood", a story that spans out over 12 years, a truly impressive film that celebrates ordinary life, like never seen before.

Best Actress:

This one was a complete lock, unfortunately I haven't had chance to go out and see "[Still Alice](movie:1168550)" yet as it is only releasing in the UK in March! But its about time Julianne Moore took home some awards for her truly great career, I'm hearing great things about her performance in "Still Alice", I was personally rooting for Reese Witherspoon for "Wild" who carried an entire film or Rosamund Pike who plays the seemingly innocent Amy Dunne who has a not so innocent agenda. Moore took home the award though, which makes me ever more eager to see her newest film!

Best Actor:

Now this one was a complete lock for the Bafta's, for the Oscar it's a close one between Redmayne and Keaton, but with this being a British event, it was easy to see that Redmayne would take home the award for his truly heartbreaking and stellar performance as Professor Stephen Hawking in "[The Theory of Everything](movie:1000359)", a good film that is elevated by its incredible performances.

Best Director:

Richard Linklater is finally getting his time in the spotlight, a filmmaker who has impressed me for years is now getting the praise he deserves for what is no doubt his best film ever. Linklater wasn't present at the Bafta's as he was caught up at the DGA's probably winning yet another award. The Bafta was presented by Bafta and Oscar Nominee Steve Carell and was given to Ethan Hawke who was also nominated.

EE Rising Star Award:

This is the award that goes to the young actor or actress who has stood out with their breakthrough performances in the past couple of years. This is a public voted category, I voted for Miles Teller who gave an inspirational performance in "[Whiplash](movie:1075695)", but the award went to Jack O'Connell who was astoundingly good in Angelina Jolie's "Unbroken", he also starred in "'71" and "Starred Up".

Best Costume Design:

Th absolutely beautiful "[Grand Budapest Hotel](movie:400227)" took home this award for its colorful, vibrant and excellent costume design.

I was unable to find a picture of the winner
I was unable to find a picture of the winner

Best Adapted Screenplay:

This one went to "The Theory Of Everything", one of the biggest shocks of the night. This should have gone to Gillian Flynn for her mature and complex screenplay of "[Gone Girl](movie:833123)".

Best Original Screenplay:

The phenomenal film "The Grand Budapest Hotel" took home the Original Screenplay award for its witty, fast and unforgettable screenplay that Wes Anderson was unfortunately not there to collect. Ralph Fiennes who stars in the film, took to the stage and delivered a truly Wes Anderson like speech that Anderson had prepared beforehand.

Best Cinematography:

Emmanuel Lubezki rightfully won this award for his breathtaking work on "Birdman", all made to look like one single take, his daring and risky efforts on "Birdman" rightfully earn him this award. Michael Keaton took to the stage to take the award for Lubezki.

Best Supporting Actress:

Patricia Arquette took home the Bafta for her authentic and outstanding performance in "[Boyhood](movie:989626)", playing a mother of two who goes through her share of hardships, yet never fails at being a mother to her two children.

Best Supporting Actor:

If there was any locks at all this year it was definitely JK Simmons for his brutal and terrifying performance in "Whiplash". Playing Terence Fletcher, a jazz instructor who pushes his students to their absolute limits.

Best Visual Effects:

This was a close one, between "Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes" which made you believe these Apes were taking over the world or "Interstellar", which took you to the far reaches of space. "[Interstellar](movie:813746)" took home the award for its breathtaking visual effects.

Best Animated Film:

Phil Lord & Chris Miller took to the stage to accept their award for Best Animated Film for "[The LEGO Movie](movie:376368)" which has been infamously snubbed at this years Oscars. Phil Lord tweeted out this image with the caption "Not made out of Lego, but still pretty great"

Best Sound:

"Whiplash" rightfully took home this award for its outstanding sound, seeing this film in a cinema was an experience and one of the reasons for that was its perfect sound quality.

Best Editing:

"Whiplash" is one of the most beautifully edited films I have seen in my life, it's cutting to the beat and fast editing style was mesmerizing to say the least.

Best Makeup and Hair:

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" took home another award this time for Makeup and Hair, which I'm sure we can all agree, it deserved.

Best Production Design:

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" won again for its outstanding Production Design.

Best Original Music:

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" had an unforgettable score, Alexandre Desplat took home the award.

Outstanding British Film:

"The Theory Of Everything" unsurprisingly took home the award for best British film. It was great to see "Under The Skin" also get nominated.

Fellowship Award:

Director Mike Leigh (Mr Turner) took home the fellowship award for his long and impressive career.

So there you have it, the winners of the 2015 Baftas! There weren't a lot of surprises, only a few which made for a quite underwhelming show, but Stephen Fry tried his best to keep us all entertained. What do you think of the winners? Comment below and share your own picks!

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