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The Studio Dilemma

There are a lot of eyes on Fox and Sony to see how they'll be moving forward with their Marvel characters. Many would love to see these two studios just bow respectfully to Disney and Marvel Studios, acknowledge the amazing world-building they've been doing, and hand the characters over to let Spiderman and Wolverine play with their friends in the biggest sandbox in the world. But property is money and this move wouldn't make the Fox and Sony investors very happy at all.

Another guarantee these days would appear to be keeping all superhero antics at a PG-13 rating to ensure the most ticket sales. Not since the days of the old Blade movies has a Marvel character gone R. Enter Fox's [Deadpool](movie:38663). One of the most R rated characters in the Marvel stable has finally been greenlit for his own movie in a deal that sure makes it sound like we'll be seeing a PG-13 version of Wade Wilson.

What the Ratings Allow

While it is true that the PG-13 rating has been edging closer to the R side of things over the years, I'm not the only one who is a bit hesitant about this movie's prospects. The positive fan reaction to the leaked test footage was due in no small part to getting the swearing and decapitating nature of the character right. True, if the test footage itself was to get a rating, it might be able to sneak in at PG-13, but if you take it as something that accurately represents 90 to 120 minutes of more movie - there are only so many f-bombs and severed heads you can play with.

Anything Goes

While he may be one of Marvel's most violent and psychologically messed-up anti-heroes, he is undoubtably one of the most fun. This is a guy who on occasion has teamed up with a guy named Gorilla Man who is exactly what you think he is. When he isn't falling in love with Death - both the female Marvel character and the idea itself, he is joyously one of those fun, quintessential anything goes characters. It begs the question as to how out-there Fox will be willing to go with the guy.

Are Fox going to introduce Cable, get the X-Force going and use Deadpool to build their cinematic comic book universe? Or are they going to keep Deadpool in his own whacked-out world? Either plan has its advantages - I just hope they take advantage of them and use the characters full potential. This is the guy who gets his psychiatric help from Dr. Bong and hunted down Moby Dick, after all.

Keeping it Real

But I also have hopes that the movie will be able to humanise the Wade Wilson aspect of Deadpool as well. It's all well and good to crank up the crazy and the carnage, but it can't be without the psychological repercussions that give the character his heart and make Wade Wilson, in his own twisted way, a relatable hero.

A recent casting announcement has me thinking that they could be looking for the right actress to play one of Deadpool's surprisingly abundant number of wives. This gives me some hope that they could be exploring one of the many possibilities when it comes to [Deadpool](movie:38663) and Wade Wilson's tragic past. Or maybe they'll have him marrying that vampire lady - that was pretty fun.


Who would be your favorite fantasy Deadpool movie team-up?


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