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Now, for some, the Superbowl will be remembered for a pretty great game of Football - with one hell of an ending. For others, it'll be 'that Superbowl where Katy Perry danced with a bunch of sharks.'

For Marvel fans, though, it'll always be known as 'the Superbowl where Star-Lord and Captain America were freaking awesome.'

Or, rather, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans, who play the heroes, totally were.

The pair - supporters of the opposing Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots - decided to have a wager on who would win the Superbowl. The terms? The loser would have to visit the other's favorite children's costume.

You can read all about the general awesomeness of the build-up to the bet right here, but suffice to say, there was indeed a loser - and this year, it was Chris Pratt (and his Seahawks).

The good news, though?

Chris Pratt Visiting a Children's Charity is Just as Awesome as You'd Think

Yup, it turns out that when you add a hilarious and all-around-nice-seeming celebrity to a children's charity, in costume, you actually get a whole lot of awesome.

Especially since Pratt's visit to Christopher's Haven in Boston saw Chris Evans turn up, too.

Albeit with a Patriots jersey that he then made Chris Pratt wear...

My three favorite things about the whole visit, though?

1. They Clearly Brought a Butt-Load of Toys

Notice the already opened box of Captain America shields on the bottom right there? Star-Lord and Cap totally get that for most kids, meeting your heroes is all well and good, but it's even better when you get toys too.

2. Chris Evans Looks Stupidly Happy To Be There

And, crucially, way less smug than you'd expect, seeing as his team just won the Superbowl (and he just won that bet).

And, best of all...

3. They Met the Coolest Kid(s) in the World

Now, don't get me wrong, every single one of these kids is ridiculously bad-ass - Christopher's Haven is a home for kids battling Cancer, after all, and they're doing it while clearly maintaining a high level of awesomeness - but that one kid in the middle, there? The one rocking the double denim?

He's totally wearing a Mouse Rat t-shirt.

And, as any Parks and Recreation fan will tell you, that makes him too ridiculously awesome to even measure - because that was totally the name of Chris Pratt's character's band in the show...

So, way to go, kid - you just made one of the coolest things to happen this year even more awesome.

Nicely played...

And the even better part?

It's Not Over Yet...

Yup - Pratt and Evans are heading to Seattle Children's Hospital next, and something tells me the awesomeness is just beginning...

What do you guys think, though? Are there any other awesome acts of celebrity charitable bad-assery we need to know about?

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