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While the thought of a few beers after work is enough to pep me up almost instantly, I have never thought of the sweet, sweet nectar as an aphrodisiac... Until now!

A Scottish brewery is riding on the coattails of [Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697) and has whipped up a beer that doubles as a kinky aphrodisiac, although wine connoisseur Christian Grey would certainly disapprove of such an uncouth idea!

50 Shades of Green in the flesh
50 Shades of Green in the flesh

The Innis & Gunn made brew named 'Fifty Shades of Green' would certainly appeal to the millionaire businessman with its hefty price tag of $46 a bottle though.

But, what do you get for shelling out for this alcoholic aphrodisiac? According to the makers, this isn't just a regular beverage and you should probably slurp it in the privacy of you own home to avoid any ermmm “performance-enhancing” embarrassment.

The beer is fortified with ginseng to boosts the sex drive, ginkgo biloba to get blood pumping to unmentionable regions, and damiana, a mild nerve stimulant, to help it pack an erotic punch.

According to Innis & Gunn, even making the beer was an exciting, experimental affair. They wrote on their website that:

We had a lot of fun making this beer, doing things that have never been done before in brewing, much like couples will be doing behind closed doors once they’ve seen the film.

(Source: MTV via Innes & Gunn)


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