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WARNING: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead TV show and comic ahead:

After the brutal start to [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 5b, the promos for episode 10 have been released and I'm sorry to say it looks like things only get worse for Rick and the group.

The promo is only 30 seconds long, but in true Walking Dead fashion it packs one hell of a punch. Take a look at all the highlights (there are a lot!) and then watch the entire promo at the bottom of the article:

The group leave their vehicles

In episode 9 "What's Happening and What's Going On," it was pretty clear the group had travelled all, or most, of the 500 mile journey from Atlanta to Richmond by car. However this shot looks like that smooth ride might be over, the group has probably run out of gas, and in rural Virginia I'm guessing it's hard to come by a car with a full tank to siphon.

Maggie seems to be a pretty big focus

Maggie is shown in many shots throughout the promo, hinting that we can expect some focus on her soon, possibly even hinting that the storyline of her suicide attempt from the comics could come into play.

They end up legging a slow pace.

The group is obviously on the brink of starvation and are both mentally and physically weak. In a voice-over Daryl is heard saying "we need to find" Which explains the group's slow and steady pace despite being tailed by quite a large number of walkers in the background - they simply can't risk using their limited energy on killing them.

Maggie and Sasha have a bleak exchange

Maggie asks Sasha "how much longer we got?" To which Sasha replied "60 miles," assuming that Maggie is asking how much longer to Washington, D.C. Maggie simply replies "I wasn't talking about that."


The group find a barn

We saw this barn featured in another trailer (you can watch it over here), and it seemed to shelter the group from a rather big thunder storm. While it might look like a good place to spend a night, the end of the promo seems to suggest it will be anything but a cosy night listening to the rain on the roof.

What has Maggie spotted in the car?

The mummified remains of the driver or something very different?

Daryl kneels before something in the forest

Is it a body of a person or animal?

We see a pack of wild dogs...Or perhaps wolves?

In episode 9 we spotted the "wolves not far" warning spray painted on a wall in Shirewilt:

Afterwards we saw some very gruesome walkers which has been reduced to just torsos and heads, which all had 'W's' carved into their foreheads:

After seeing the "wolves not far" message, the carved 'W's' and now real wolves, I have no idea if the sign is a warning about wildlife or a warning of a group of survivors called 'the Wolves.' The real wolves seem like they could be a red herring from the creators - they've done things like this in the past, but hopefully episode 10 offers some clarity.

The group is on high alert

This shot comes immediately after the promo shows the wolves, though it doesn't necessarily mean that is what Daryl and Rick are drawing their weapons at (the editing team behind these promos loves messing with us), so what have they spotted: animals, walker or humans?

The group try to keep someone or something out

This looks like it will be from the scene of the group in the barn during a storm. It seems likely that a big horde of walkers will try to break in and it's all hands on deck to force them outside.

Watch the whole promo here:

What are you most looking forward to in episode 10? Tell me HERE!

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