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Ian Somerhalder has a magnetic draw that makes fans thirsty for knowledge about the smoldering star, but below are seven things you might not have known about The Vampire Diaries actor.

7. A True Condiment Connoisseur

They say that the way to man's heart is through his stomach, and there's one particular thing that really gets Ian Somerhalder going.

The smoldering star claims that he douses all of his food with truffle oil. Classy!

6. Wannabe Renaissance Man

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Being an actor isn't enough for Ian Somerhalder, the 36-year-old star wishes he could extend his artistry to becoming a painter too.

5. He Has Mad Toe Skills

Bizarrely, Ian Somerhalder claims that he can write cursive with his feet... I don't know what that would look like, but I'm hoping it's sexier than it sounds!

4. He Meditates to Keep his Cool

Ian Somerhalder claims that he uses meditation help him remain zen in his high pressure, jet setting life style.

3. Celebrity Animal Admirer

When Somerhalder himself was asked to spill 25 things we didn't know about him by US Magazine, the star was keen to let everyone know that he had met Grumpy Cat.

He was clearly quite taken by the furious looking feline as he labelled her a real "pantydropper!"

2. He's an Out and Proud Feminist

Ian Somerhalder is quite the humanitarian in so many ways and he strongly believes that the youth of our planet are the most under-utilized resource we have, especially young woman.

While being interviewed by SheKnows about the 'Girls Impact the World Film Festival' the he is helping to judge this year, Ian Somerhalder made the following impassioned speech:

We have made it acceptable that women are spoken for and that needs to change now. Within the realm of advertising, marketing, fashion, technology and athletics, women are told where they fit properly and how to act once in their right place.
It is beyond important that girls speak up, that they act fearlessly, that they fall in love with the timbre of their powerful voices — but that isn't the complete solution. The men placed into positions of traditional patriarchal power need a massive shift to correspond with women's uprising and support this societal shift as a whole. Men need to acknowledge the evolution that comes along with embracing and championing the surge of powerful women worldwide.
When we men learn to celebrate the true and irrefutable power of women, we can then truly celebrate the progress of men.

1. He Was Totally Against Damon Going Good

The change in Damon from dangerous badboy to sensitive flower has riled plenty of Vampire Diaries fans, but Ian Somerhalder himself had nothing to do with it!

In a recent interview with ET Online, Somerhalder revealed that he fought "tooth and nail" against the touching scene where he comforts Rose as she dies because he hated showing the soft side of Damon. He told interviewers that he hated it:

Because it showed this soft side of Damon that I hated — I hated it. I was so vehemently opposed to that stuff and Kevin [Williamson] and Julie [Plec] had to beat it into my head. "Damon cannot just be a one-trick-pony. He cannot just be a one-dimensional villainous character. This is the 100-episode arc of this man going through this journey—give into it, appreciate it, dive into it head first and live it." And I thought, 'I've got to do this.' It ended up being a really beautiful scene, which lead to Damon becoming so introspective and so hurt by not being human after he saw what it was like in her own visions.

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